New York Giants: Pat Shurmur’s Post-Game Remarks Point To Firing

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur
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The season is finally over for the New York Giants – and at this point, despite the loss to end the season, plenty of fans will be celebrating. After all, it means the Giants have a chance to get back to the drawing board and improve, and maybe perform better next year. The team finished with a bad record this year but fans won’t have to worry about upcoming games and their results until next fall when the season starts again… The focus will instead be on the organization.

The biggest questions looming over the Giants in that area have to do with the fates of head coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager Dave Gettleman, both of whom are on the hot seat. The Giants, of course, generally have a reputation for being a patient rather than brash team when it comes to making organizational decisions.

And there’s more than just the coach and GM being questioned here. This season’s results combined with the lackluster years over all since the franchise’s last Super Bowl win have brought the organization as a whole into question for many, including figures like VP of Player Personnel Chris Mara, and the scouting department.

Shurmur, however, might be the first to end up without a job regardless of who else ends up on the chopping block. While other changes might be more controversial, Shurmur and his coordinators perhaps have the worst status in the organization right now after coaching the Giants through the past two losing seasons without much improvement.

From his post-game comments following the loss to the Eagles, it doesn’t seem like Shurmur himself was the most confident either in keeping his position.

“I haven’t had those types of conversations, if and when I do, I’m not going to talk to you about it,” Shurmur insisted, when asked about if he had met with ownership yet about his future.

“At some point, what is said will be revealed. If I’m back, I’m looking forward to working with this young talent. If I’m not, whoever is coaching this team has got a great group of young players. The dead money goes away, there’s going to be cap space, we’ve got picks. So there’s ways to improve the team. So, if I’m not here, that’s what the new coach has to look forward to. If I am here, I can’t wait to get back to work. So that’s about as honest and clear as I can make it,” Shurmur continued.

It seems like Shurmur has already been contemplating the prospect of not keeping his job. Whether it says something or not about his odds of staying the head coach, we may just find out tomorrow when Black Monday hits league wide.