New York Giants: One peculiar NFC East fact about Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Not everyone is happy with Daniel Jones as the starter for the New York Giants, but the situation could be far worse.

One interesting fact about the NFC East puts that on full display, and shows how the Giants actually have one of the more stable quarterback situations right now in the division. This division, of course, has been one of the worst in terms of quarterback play over the past year – but as other teams shuffle around their starters, the Giants might come out looking the best in that department.

If the season began today, the Giants would almost certainly be in the best position QB wise. Daniel Jones, after all, would likely be the most experienced starting quarterback.

Sure, Alex Smith has more experience overall, but is hardly the expected starter for Washington despite his great comeback story. It looks like Washington is out to find another starter – either the young Taylor Heinicke or a player from the draft.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, is trading away Carson Wentz for a pair of draft picks and finally cutting ties with their starter from last season despite his past success with the franchise. It looks like Jalen Hurts is the frontrunner for the job in Philly, but Hurts of course has limited experience as a potential starter.

And right now, Dak Prescott’s status as the starting QB in Dallas is in question. He’ll be the starter if he comes back, but with his contract in question, things are in a state of limbo. If the season started right now, we wouldn’t see Dak playing for the Cowboys just because of that contract.

Daniel Jones might not be the greatest quarterback, sure. But there’s some value in stability. And this season, the New York Giants don’t have to ask these questions about stability at QB that every other team in the division does right now.