New York Giants news, 10/24 – Is Pat Shurmur running out of time? Nate Solder, Sterling Shepard

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With a low-pressure system moving through the New York Giants ranks, carrying bad energy, and narratives that would derail most locker-rooms, it’s safe to say, nobody is safe. Maybe, general manager Dave Gettleman is protected on his pedestal, for now, but head coach Pat Shurmur must be questioning his abilities to manage this team.

Shurmur was a significant factor in losing to the Arizona Cardinals at home last week in the pouring rain, and receiver Golden Tate said it perfectly, “we cannot be wasting the money of hard-working people.” He’s right, and Shurmur needs to start considering the fact that his awful time management decision and bone-headed play calls have serious implications on people’s emotions and willingness to drop thousands of dollars every season to watch a losing team.

Owner John Mara has to be sitting in his luxury box wondering the same thing. Is Shurmur really capable of handling this team? At times, it seems as if he can be a great coach, but at others his mental mishaps cost the team wins. Beating a team like Arizona at home is a must, and losing due to coaching mistakes is a huge red flag. While I don’t believe Shurmur is on the hot seat, if he continues to make similar mistakes, there’s no question the Giants will have to make a difficult decision.

Sterling Shepard update:

The Giants’ top pass-catcher it working through concussion protocol despite having been without symptoms for nearly two weeks. Shepard is 100 percent returning within the next two weeks, as reported (see below for link).

“Oh, I’ll be back out on the field,” Shepard told “It’s just whether it’s gonna be this week or next week.”

“I’m just leaning [on the advice of what is said] medically, and I’m going to listen to my body,” Shepard said. “I know what my body is supposed to feel like, and when I feel like I’m ready to come back, then I’ll come back. But, I’ve been feeling that way for two weeks. It’s kinda them just protecting me from myself, I guess you can say, but I’m trying to get back as soon as possible, and just waiting to hear their thoughts.”

With Solder receiving interest from the Cleveland Browns, according to reports, the New York Giants have an opportunity to unload his $19.5 million cap-hit from next season. Trading him away leaves the Giants with no help at the left tackle position, but there haven’t been any all seasons after looking at his film.

Solder is currently ranked as the team’s worst tackles and offensive lineman, which is extremely concerning considering his lucrative contract signed in the offseason of 2018. Collecting a mid-round pick for him and getting his number off the books makes sense if the Giants can figure out a backup plan.


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