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New York Giants: Mitch Trubisky Vouches For Daniel Jones

by Cay North
New York Giants, Daniel Jones

By now, we’re all familiar with the controversy around the New York Giants spending a top ten draft pick on Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. There’s plenty of opinions to go around, ranging from the idea that Giants fans should give Jones a fair chance and that the fanbase is overreacting to their decision, to the one that Dave Gettleman should be fired for making the decision. So far, however, Jones seems to have made a good impression with others within the organization and the league.

One of those to come to the defense of Jones is Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who himself played for a North Carolinian school more known for basketball in college before being drafted quite high. Trubisky, however, was thrown into the action quicker than Jones is expected to be – a fact which is one advantage Jones already has over the former Tar Heels and current Bears quarterback. Trubisky had some things to say about Jones in an interview with Pro Football Talk.

Trubisky believes that Jones can win over the fans given a little bit of time, and can certainly relate to Jones to an extent given the fact that his own arrival with the Chicago Bears was questioned at the beginning.

“I kind of know Daniel a little bit. I think he’s up for the challenge. For a lot of these kids, we just get picked and it’s a dream come true. You’re going to go in there, work your tail off and earn the respect of your teammates. Once you start winning games, that’s when you turn the fan base. But first things first you got to get in there and earn the respect of your peers.”

However, Trubisky was still a higher rated member of his own draft class than Jones was in this year’s one. Jones has a much bigger mountain to climb, and the unique challenge of dealing with the infamous and unforgiving New York media market.

But Trubisky claims to be familiar with Jones through knowing one of Jones’ coaches at Duke, and says Jones is up to it. “This kid is all about ball. That’s how I was, too. You just go in and you’re very fortunate for the situation. You just can’t wait to go in and learn, compete and get there with the coaches. Right away, you just got to get in with your teammates and earn their respect, absolutely work your tail off…”

Jones has already picked up positive comments from head coach Pat Shurmur, although it’s much easier to be positive about a new quarterback during rookie minicamp rather than the preseason and regular season. We’ll all have a chance to see what the true consensus on Jones is once it’s time for him to take the field in a situation that matters.

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