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New York Giants’ legend Eli Manning creates a Twitter, joins social media for first time


It has finally happened, New York Giants legend Eli Manning has joined social media. After 16 seasons as an NFL player, Manning officially decided to join Twitter after his retirement. This is a good time to join the underworld of sports, a place that routinely thrashes and bolsters players’ platforms.

Manning has always been a quiet player and person, lying beneath the shadows to preserve his mental state and remain focused on what is most important to him – – winning. Manning has gained over 57,000 yards in his career and 366 total touchdowns. He’s a two time Super Bowl champion and MVP, and while his career didn’t end on the best of terms, he can walk away knowing he will be remembered forever in Giants’ history.

So, what does this mean for Manning on Twitter and what should we expect from the witty quarterback? As most likely expect, Manning will utilize his platform for the good of the community and society. This is a perfect time for him to reach out to the millions of people that know his name and story. He brings a positive light to a community that is suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. His work and love for New York are unparalleled and I imagine his presence on social media will attest to that.

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