New York Giants: Kyler Murray Could Drop to No. 6 – What Then?

Could the New York Giants grab Kyler Murray with the 6th overall pick?

If the New York Giants are keen on overhauling their offense and changing their entire ideology, drafting Kyler Murray would be the perfect move. The expectation is that the Arizona Cardinals will draft him with the 1st overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, but rumors have bubbled to the surface indicating they may take another route.

The New York Giants would need a little luck to a chance at Kyler Murray:

The teams drafting before the Giants – Arizona, San Francisco, Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay, all of the franchise quarterbacks or are looking to fill other needs with impact players. That means a quarterback-hungry team will have to trade up into the top five to grab Murray. The probability of Murray dropping to Big Blue increases exponentially if Arizona passes on the talented passer.

What does Murray offer to the Giants?

Murray offers significant value in the passing and running game, as he racked up 4,361 passing yards and 1,001 rushing yards in 2018. He earned a total 54 touchdowns. His dual-threat style of play would revolutionize the Giants’ offense and make them one of the most unpredictable units in the league.

However, he does represent a great risk in terms of size and strength. If the offensive line can protect him, he will be deadly. Murray, though, would have to be open to sitting for a season behind Eli Manning, something he might not be too interested in.

If Kyler did drop to No. 6, the Giants would have to evaluate a few things – can they grab another option like Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock with the 17th pick? And is there a premium pass rusher available at no. 6?

The defensive front will be without Olivier Vernon in 2019, after being traded to the Cleveland Browns. This leaves a void at pass rusher and will likely indicate a draft pick being spent at the position.

Securing a top-talent would immediately upgrade the defense and provide the team with security at a high-price spot. Vernon was expected to make around $19M this upcoming season, and they would theoretically be lowering that cap-hit to around $4.3M. That fact alone promotes the drafting of a top defender in a talented crop of pass-rushers.

The bottom line:

The Giants would likely be better off grabbing a quarterback with the 6th pick as they need to begin considering Eli Manning’s age and deterioration. Whether it be Murray or Haskins with the selection, ensuring they grab their top option and not run the risk of losing out at No. 17, they must prioritize the most important position on the team.



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