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New York Giants: Kyle Lauletta Was Told Not To Worry

by Cay North

One of the more interesting players on the New York Giants at the moment is second year quarterback Kyle Lauletta, who many thought would be a longer term project player when he was drafted last offseason. However, Lauletta’s regular season appearance in 2018 left a lot to be desired and the brief hype was never really lived up to – fans sometimes called for Lauletta to start following the team’s disaster of a beginning to the season, but those calls seemingly vanished as soon as Lauletta had time in an actual game, resulting in multiple turnovers.

This offseason, the Giants made a move which looks suspiciously like they’re moving away from Lauletta entirely. They brought in Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick in the draft, and Jones has immediately moved up in the depth chart to take the spot behind Eli Manning for a year, or possibly more, before his own time in the spotlight comes.

With the Giants also drafting Syracuse QB Eric Dungey and retaining last year’s third stringer, Alex Tanney, it looks like Lualetta could also end up pushed out of the depth chart entirely, not just the main backup spot. However, according to the New York Post, the team told Lauletta to not worry about that possibility and to just do his job.

“After the draft they just told me, ‘Don’t worry about that … just do your job.’ The minute I start worrying about another guy, it’s just wasted energy for me. Look at last year, I got drafted and Davis Webb did the year previous. We’re all professionals, we’re all trying to play. I’m going to continue to be a pro and do everything I can to impress the coaches and play well on the field. I’ll just wait for my next shot,” Lauletta said.

Lauletta also claims to have improved and that last season was similar to his first year at the University of Richmond, where he eventually became an accomplished starter. “I look at the rookies walking in and just see their faces, it’s just like being a freshman in college all over again. I remember even at the University of Richmond, I wasn’t that great of a quarterback my freshman year. I think I’ve make some serious strides.”

Despite this, however, it looks increasingly like Lauletta might join a list of wasted mid round picks that the Giants have spent on quarterbacks, only to have them not make any difference on the field. That list also includes Davis Webb, who Lauletta was able to beat out last season. Lauletta hasn’t been cut out of the running completely, but with the Giants investing heavily in Daniel Jones, it’s going to be hard to win back last season’s spot as backup for the second year player.

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