New York Giants’ Joe Judge comments on team and the value of players like Isaiah Simmons

New York Giants, Joe Judge
New York Giants, Joe Judge

Here’s what Joe Judge had to say about the New York Giants during the quarantine and much more:

With a virtual reality becoming the new norm for the Giants and head coach Joe Judge, challenges are being presented regarding the evaluation of players and prospects. The NFL Draft is only a week away, and the team isn’t able to study the body movements and personalities correctly for incoming players, making this situation a bit more problematic.

However, Judge is not wasting any time hopping on video calls with players and organizing his calenders for the next few months.

Judge has created four calendars to ensure the team is prepared moving forward and have the appropriate dates lined up for the start of the NFL season and specific dates for the draft.

Despite being holed up in his basement, Judge is bringing that tenacity to his work-load and pushing on with motivation. Being a new head coach and dealing with a world-wide quarantine due to a pandemic is not the start he imagined would propel him to success. With a setback already in place, the Giants are in a position of disadvantage.

The Giants’ head coach went on to state that the Giants must take the best player available in the draft, which can be perceived in two ways. Either Isaiah Simmons is the guaranteed pick if he’s available or Judge just tossed a smoke-screen into the mix to confuse other teams’ general managers ahead of the draft next week.

However, a positional talent being drafted must fit into the team’s system and schemes, which is where Patrick Graham comes into play regarding Simmons, who’s a unique talent that needs a creative coordinator to maximize his abilities. Graham coming from Yale and acting as Miami’s DC in 2019; he’s prepared to activate an innovative and unpredictable defense with different blitzing schemes. Simmons would likely fit well in his system, using a blend of 3-4 and 4-3 looks.