New York Giants: Is Daniel Jones franchise quarterback material?

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

After the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles for the first time since 2016 in week 10 on Sunday, a little fireball of faith sparked around quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jones, who had his worst game of the season in week eight against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, missed several deep balls and looked uncomfortable in the pocket. His mechanics were all over the place, but since that contest, Jones has gone on to win two straight games, protecting the ball at all costs and turning the ball over zero times.

The development of Jones has been rocky, especially after the transition to Jason Garrett’s offensive scheme, which took almost half the season to hit its stride. Garrett was just establishing the fundamentals and base concepts of his system, but he has dominated his playcalling in the last two weeks.

Getting creative and taking aggressive shots downfield has been the Giants’ calling card, especially when it comes to Jones and his abilities. Incorporating read-option and downfield throws into his game has fit Daniel’s strengths perfectly.

You could say that Jones is a mixture between a game manager and off-script playmaker. He can pick up chunks of yardage with his legs but also follow his offensive coordinator’s system and pick out the right reads in the passing game.

In addition, his offensive line has taken significant steps forward the last few weeks, and the running game has posted five consecutive games with 100 yards or more. All of these factors have contributed to the Giants having more success on offense, but their defense has equally been impressive and much more.

With the Giants firing on all cylinders, we are seeing Johns take the developmental steps that we’ve been waiting for. Protecting the football and making good decisions has taken quite some time, but if Johns can alleviate those concerns within the Fanbase and coaching staff, the Giants can feel comfortable moving forward with him at quarterback.

Can Daniel Jones be the New York Giants’ franchise quarterback?

The big question revolves around Jones being the franchise quarterback, and I fully believe he’s capable of being their man if he remains consistent. Two consecutive games without a turnover and solid performances are inspiring, but we need to see great outings against above-average teams.

Both the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles have severe weaknesses across-the-board, but the Giants have several big matchup’s coming up against the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. Competing against teams like that will instill faith in the fan-base even more and likely solidify Jones as the franchise quarterback for the future.

Again, there’s a lot left to see when it comes to Daniel’s progression, but the last two weeks have proven that he’s capable of performing at a high-level — we need to see more against better quality teams.