New York Giants: How will Jason Garrett run the offense?

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Adding offensive experience to the New York Giants‘ coaching staff was essential after the hiring of Joe Judge, who has limited knowledge in the category. Former head coaches Jason Garrett (offensive coordinator) and Freddie Kitchens (tight ends coach), should provide Judge with the experience necessary to re-work the offense and put the unit in the right direction.

According to ESPN, Garrett will aggressively operate the offense:

“First thing we want to be able to do is run the ball,” Judge said recently. “We’re going to run the ball. [Garrett has] done it successfully in Dallas throughout the course of his career. Jason brings with him a lot of experience in a lot of different systems. So, the one thing he’s been able to do is draw from his experience as a player and coach in different systems and really create a player-friendly system that creates multiples within game plans. And that is what I want to build as the base for this team.”

Having Saquon Barkley in the backfield will provide the Giants will ample talent to work with, and Garrett should do a good job incorporating him in the run and pass game. Expect to see a lot of early-down throws and Barkley screens, something Pat Shurmur shied away from in 2019.

“He’s probably more of a stretch guy. I think he struggles when it’s downhill,” an NFL defensive coordinator said of Barkley, per ESPN. “[He] needs gap scheme and stretch stuff. They did that a little bit in Dallas, and kind of always have done that.”

The New York Giants need to help themselves in 2020:

Shurmur tried to force inside zone schemes down Barkley’s throat last season, which ultimately hindered his efficiency. The spry running back is better utilized between the tackles and guards, as well as pitch plays around the edge. Giving him space to make a decision is where he’s lethal. When running inside, Barkley often gets jumbled in a mess and doesn’t follow his blockers well, which suggests a different scheme. Garrett should help in that way.

Also, his influence on Daniel Jones will be significant. Considering his hand in developing Dak Prescott and Tony Romo, Garrett is the perfect teacher for Jones, who’s going into his second year as a professional.