New York Giants: How much is Jason Garrett going to help Daniel Jones?

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
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The New York Giants hired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett after he was released from the Dallas Cowboys’ head coaching position, and this move should benefit quarterback Daniel Jones significantly. Jones learned under Pat Shurmur in 2019, and while his fumbling issues were a concern, he showed incredible promise as a rookie, especially in processing coverages and ball-placement.

The New York Giants needed to ensure Daniel Jones was well taken care of:

Finding a suitable replacement as a teacher for Shurmur was always going to be difficult, but considering the job Garrett has done with Dak Prescott and formerly Tony Romo, it’s fair to say that he was the ‘best’ choice.

Former quarterback for the Cowboys, Troy Aikman, who spent 11 seasons in the NFL, leading Dallas to three Super Bowls in the 90s, spoke to Garrett’s influence and hopeful impact on Jones:

“Jason has proved to be a good coach and he keeps in perspective what it was like for him as a player, what he liked and didn’t like,” Aikman said. “And he’s got great personal skills. …I’d be surprised if he and Daniel Jones don’t hit it off right away and develop a real chemistry.”

“I think he’s going to bring some accountability, some structure,” Aikman said on Garrett. “He’s going to be very well prepared. There is not going to be any stone unturned. When they go into a gameplan every player is going to know exactly what is being asked of them. I think it’s a great situation for Jason. I thought he did a nice job when he was calling the plays as the offensive coordinator… He comes from a pretty good perspective having been around good players but also around good coaches. I think that’s probably been the biggest influence on him. And then having played. I think that helps.”

Garrett helped Prescott refine his technique and develop the grit to lead the league in offensive production last season. Jones will undoubtedly benefit from his focus on the unit and precisely the quarterback position. Factor in Jerry Schuplinki and his time teaching Tomy Brady, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy G, and the Giants have the perfect coaching staff around Jones.