New York Giants: How Joe Judge is whipping his team into shape in year one

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Joe Judge
New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants hired Joe Judge for many reasons, but the primary one was to institute a disciplined mentality that bred responsibility.

Joe Judge is not an ordinary coach. He’s learned from some of the best head coaches in the history of the game — Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. Learning from them is one thing, but utilizing the gained knowledge and implementing it on your own team is an entirely different challenge.

Judge has started his tenure with the Giants in classic fashion, establishing a fundamentalistic system and a focus on each specific player already on the roster. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the talent existing on the team is how you can successfully plan for the future, and Judge understands that concept. Maximizing each individual talent to the most of their abilities allows the Giants to save money and compensate for injuries during the season.

Phill Simms knows what Judge is up to behind the scenes:

“I haven’t really talked to anyone from the Giants, but I did hear one person tell me about Joe Judge, ‘Oh, man, it’s shaping up down here…he is all over it’” Simms said on WFAN this week.

Simms seems to be incredibly confidence in Judge’s abilities, stating further:

“I think they found a guy – we all talked about it – he’s an overseer,” said Simms. “He’s going to coach everything. Be involved in everybody and work the team that way. I love that thought, that process. I love coaches that do that and he’s gonna be one that demands the attention of the players, that’s for sure.”

One significant attribute Judge brings to the Giants is his ability to coach every position. It’s not often that special teams coordinators get the nod to move to head coach on a direct line, but many believe that’s a stigma that holds little merit. Special teams is composed of offensive and defensive players, so we know Judge is familiar with both side of the ball and how those players see the game differently. Having been the Patriots’ wide-receivers coach in 2019, he’s also ingrained in the offensive side of things.

What Judge brings to the team spends far beyond just experience; he brings an ideology and a disciplined personality. He expects perfects and won’t sleep until it’s achieved. That’s what we should expect from the Giants’ new head coach moving forward.