New York Giants Head Coach Joe Judge Explains Hiring Process

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

The New York Giants have a coaching staff now for the 2020 season, and there’s reason to think that this year’s rebuild is different from the ones in previous years such as when the Giants were forced to settle for Pat Shurmur and mediocre coordinators. Despite Joe Judge being a rookie head coach who wasn’t on the radar of many immediately after joining the Giants, he’s put together a staff of coaches that features some well known names, including former Dallas head coach Jason Garrett.

Judge has now opened up further to MSG Network on what went into putting this current staff together and making decisions on who to hire – and it seems that Judge was mostly going for a certain type of coach rather than focusing entirely on just recruiting for a specific strategy.

“There’s no thought process into gathering head coaches. I just wanted really good coaches that were going to add to the staff. The experience that they had already is a bonus and is something that will help me out personally. And will help out our team significantly,” Judge stated on MSG 150 Final.

“The first thing I really wanted was good people. That are going to care about the players, that are going to have great relationship with the players and can motivate them and get the most out of them,” he continued.

But what about the controversial decision to bring in Jason Garrett, who enters New York as an unpopular figure after serving as the head coach in Dallas and bringing a disappointing playoff record? Judge justified that hire with these words:

“I think when you watch what they did in Dallas the entire time he was there as both the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach, they’ve been able to have different players have high degrees of success. They’ve thrown the ball, they’ve ran the ball well. They have great player versatility with how they use the entire roster,” Judge said about Garrett’s time in Dallas.

“They’ve adjusted over time schematically. But it’s a great base foundation of the offense that’s grown throughout his time to be very player friendly. And that to me was the biggest part,” added Judge, before referring to how the best teams in the NFL have good quarterback play. Quarterback Daniel Jones is of course one of the reasons Garrett was likely hired.

Like Garrett or not, the Giants will come into 2020 with quite a lot of experience in their coaching positions – they’ll need it, with a rookie head coach and a couple straight terrible seasons that the team will look to avoid repeating.