New York Giants GM Could Potentially Trade Back In Draft

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Should the New York Giants trade back in the 2020 NFL Draft? For much of the season the eyes of the fanbase were on Ohio State pass rusher Chase Young, who is said to be the best defensive player in the draft and is expected to go after LSU quaterback Joe Burrow, but the Giants have seemingly missed their chance to draft Young thanks to falling from the second pick to the fourth because of their wins towards the end of the season.

As such, it’s not clear who the Giants will pick and whether they should make a selection at this spot at all – sure, there are prospects worth looking at. Isaiah Simmons is widely considered an alternative to Young that could play with more versatility, and the offensive line could use an upgrade at the tackle position from a player such as Georgia’s Andrew Thomas.

But the Giants could also gain a chance to have more picks, or potentially even picks and a valuable player, if they traded back and sent the fourth pick elsewhere. It doesn’t fit with the history of moves that Dave Gettleman has made in the draft – he hasn’t traded back before, notably – but that seemingly doesn’t rule out a deal happening this time.

According to Ralph Vacchiano, Gettleman is open to the idea of moving back this year.

He “seems more open to the idea” of trading back this year — even in the first round, according to a source familiar with the Giants thinking. And a team source, while saying it’s all wildly premature and there have been no actual trade discussions, acknowledged a rare trade back in the first round can’t be ruled out.

It still remains to be seen who the Giants would make a deal with if they did decide to shop the fourth overall pick, as well as just how far back they would end up moving. But with the one player that was perhaps the most clear cut option in the draft for the Giants likely being taken by Washington, or taken at number three overall if not by the Redskins, a deal is definitely something worth at least looking at.