New York Giants: Eli Manning Not Worried About Hall Of Fame Says Archie Manning

New York Giants, Eli Manning
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Eli Manning has retired from the New York Giants and the NFL, and one of the debates that will surround him in the coming years is whether or not he will make it into the Hall of Fame. There is, of course, support from this within the Giants fanbase – but that support doesn’t necessarily extend around the entire league, and a question of whether or not Manning will make it into the Hall of Fame still remains and is likely to go unsettled until the decision itself is finally made.

Manning has already received a lot of support from various figures who believe he deserves the honor, but one important source has stated that Manning himself isn’t bothered by the debate surrounding himself and the Hall of Fame. That figure is Manning’s father, former NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

“I don’t think it bothers him at all. He’s fine. Very content,” Archie told TMZ after dining with sons Eli and Peyton in Miami. “Eli’s just finished up a long career… [he’s] looking forward to doing some things with his family.”

Interestingly enough, Archie Manning also had some good words for the Giants organization, saying that they have a good quarterback in Daniel Jones and that the team as a whole is on the rise under new head coach Joe Judge.

The Manning Hall of Fame debate hasn’t let up since Manning announced his retirement, of course, with a lot of names chiming in one way or the other with their thoughts.

It wasn’t long ago that Kurt Warner, the player that Manning replaced during his rise as a starter, also joined in the conversation and said that he believes Manning should make it in.

“It is such a weird process of going into the Hall of Fame and what all goes into making someone a Hall of Fame player… And when you look at stats, without question Eli Manning has the stats to be in the Hall of Fame,” Warner told Ralph Vacchiano.

We’ll still have a fair amount of time to find out if Manning makes it in or not, but at the end of the day, it seems there’s more support for it than against it – just how much of the NFL community outside of the Giants supports Manning, we’ll have to wait and see.