New York Giants: Eli Manning might do the impossible and blow our minds

Alexander Wilson
Eli Manning, New York Giants
May 20, 2019; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning answers questions from media during organized team activities at Quest Diagnostic Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Will former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning do the unthinkable?

Modern-day NFL players are intertwined with the social media world, often distracting them from their duties and creating a direct link to hostile, angry fans. Don’t doubt the effect of social media on players and how it can negatively impact their lives, which is why former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has always steered clear of such a reality.

Playing in the NFL for 16 seasons is an incredible feat owned by Manning, who only missed one game in his entire career due to Ben McAdoo attempting to make a radical change, which ultimately ruined his games-played streak. You can imagine the pair probably don’t talk much anymore after such a motion.

However, after spending nearly 40 years without joining social media, Manning is considering joining Twitter for the first time, evidently, after his career has ended in the NFL.

Not only with this be monumental for Giants fans looking for a direct link to Manning and his apparently hilarious personality, but it will remind us of how good a player he actually was and the steps he took to ensure he was mentally prepared for each game.

Former Giants kicker, Lawrence Tynes, texted Manning to convince him to join Twitter, and Manning responded with unexpected optimism.

He simply said, “Thinking about it.”

Eli even uses periods at the end of simple sentences to portray his seriousness about social media and the effects it can have on you after retirement. Of course, that just might be Mannings personality, but I’m excited to see how he harasses Tom Brady after beating him in two Super Bowls.

Tynes goes on to say how funny Manning is and how we don’t really even know the real version of the quarterback that played with the Giants for 16 years. Not only is he the most competitive dude Tynes has ever met, but he is also hilarious. Given the faces we’ve seen Eli make over the years, it’s only fair to say he can make fun of himself at the same time. I am excited to hear the stories and legends of Manning with the Giants and connect with him on a rational level that doesn’t include the ultimate bias of the last few seasons.