New York Giants: Eli Manning enters TV with new ESPN+ show

New York Giants, Eli Manning
(Photo Courtesy of Guiding Eyes for the Blind)

After a quiet year of retirement from former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, it looks like we’re going to see more out of him. That’s because Eli has shown interest this year in being back around football in one capacity or another, and right now, that’s coming in the form of working on a TV show for ESPN.

The show, which is going to air on ESPN+, is called Eli’s Places and will go into the story of college football and its famous players and locations. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the other famous Manning brother also has a show on the network called Peyton’s Places, which follows roughly the same format but focuses on pro football instead of the NCAA.

Peyton’s Places has generally received good ratings, with an 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDB. It was renewed for a third season back in December, so it looks like the format is already successful and Eli shouldn’t have many problems adapting it to the college ranks.

Earlier in the year, Manning said that he wanted to work more with the Giants. He reportedly visited co-owner John Mara about having some kind of role with the organization, too.

It remains to be seen if him mentoring the younger and sleeker current Giants team will work with his schedule of filming with ESPN+, but with Manning going into TV, it does seem like there’s room for eventual collaborations down the line.

After all, now that we’re all further removed from the controversies surrounding his final seasons in the league and the way the Giants handled him, almost all fans would like to see Eli back around in some form or another.