New York Giants’ dream scenario in the NFL Draft detailed by Daniel Jeremiah

Alexander Wilson

The New York Giants have numerous avenues they can travel down in the NFL Draft. One of them involves Isaiah Simmons with the 4th overall pick, another lands them a top tackle prospect, and the third is what some are considering a dream scenario.

The best-case scenario for the Giants involves a trade back that lands them more than just one quality player — it hands them a second-round pick in the process by only moving back a few spots, allowing them to draft a premium talent as well.

Ultimately, Tua Tagovailoa represents the best opportunity for the Giants to move back 1/2 spots in the draft with the Miami Dolphins or the Los Angeles Chargers. Tua being 100% healthy makes him a top-five pick, and if the Washington Redskins are keen on drafting another passer, the flood gates could be open if Miami and Los Angeles want to land one of the better options.

If Joe Burrow and Tagovailoa are off the board, the 3/4 picks become extremely valuable, and it also makes the probability of Chase Young sliding to No. 4 more likely.

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah detailed the “dream scenario” for the New York Giants if Tua is still available at No. 4:

“It makes all the sense in the world (to trade back),” Jeremiah told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. ”If Detroit takes (Jeff) Okudah at three and you’re there with Tua on the board at four and teams five and six both covet him, it’s a dream. It’s an absolute dream scenario because you’re going to get free picks and you’re still going to get the player you were going to take. There’s no reason not to do it. In terms of what it would cost? I would try like heck to get their second round pick.”

The Giants can make the easy decision to move back one slot and still land elite Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson, who lit up the NFL Combine with eye-opening numbers.

Not only would they land a defensive playmaker in Simmons, but they would add more quality draft picks in which they can pair and move into the first round to draft a tackle or sit pretty and grab two prospects at the top of the second round. In my opinion, this scenario is ideal for Big Blue, who desperately needs to add talent to the offensive line and defense.

Jeremiah stated that Gettleman was enamored by one tackle prospect in particular:

“Talking to people around the league, they’ve heard Gettleman was very enamored with Tristan Wirfs from Iowa,” Jeremiah said. ”You talk about a freak at 320 pounds, ran a 4.86, jumped 35.5 inches. He’s played on the right side and the left side there at Iowa. That’s been a really good factory for offensive linemen so there in the same boat as the Jets. You could say, ‘man, they need some playmakers on defense’ but when you have a young quarterback, that trumps everything. You’ve got to get better up front.”