New York Giants: Daniel Jones to head for more neck tests on Monday

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The New York Giants have clinched their fifth straight losing season, but they may have a larger problem on their hands than just the rest of this season. That problem is at the quarterback position, as the neck injury that Daniel Jones is suffering from is unlikely to be resolved soon. Following the team’s loss to the Chargers, Jordan Raanan reported that Jones is headed to see Dr. Frank Cammisa for further tests on his neck.

At this point, we can’t make a judgement on the state of Jones’ health. The team hasn’t announced those details yet, and we can see from the fact that Jones is headed in for further tests that even the team is likely missing some answers.

But the fact that we haven’t heard a positive update yet isn’t encouraging.

At this point, with the Giants guaranteed to have a losing season, we’ll probably see Jones shut down for the year. Neck injuries, after all, can be a larger deal than they sound on paper. Giants fans might remember that David Wilson’s career ended due to a neck injury. Even if Jones isn’t at that point yet, there’s no sign that this one will have a quick and easy recovery.

Larger problems for the New York Giants

If Jones has to rehab from a major neck injury, that presents a problem for the Giants. Confidence was shaky in Jones already headed into this season, after all. It’s safe to say that no one wants to see the Giants go through the same ups and downs at quarterback next season, but this time with a QB that is coming off a major injury.

With that being said, the injury situation does highlight larger problems that are already present in the organization.

Jones would have had a far lower chance at getting injured in the first place if he’d been properly protected this season. That didn’t happen largely due to the way the roster was constructed, leaving the Giants with little depth on the O-line and one of the worst lines in the league following early season injuries.

It’s hard to argue Jones has played behind a good line at any point in his career, and his current injury and him potentially being shut down for the season are two things that Dave Gettleman should definitely be held accountable for following this season.

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