New York Giants’ Daniel Jones says ball security issues a “fairly simple fix”

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

New York Giants QB Daniel Jones is trying to get rid of one bad habit.

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones enjoyed many successes in his rookie season in 2019, but he also had various cons he will need to work on this off-season. In his rookie year, Jones played in 13 games, logging 3027 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. However, the biggest negative was his fumbles, as he tallied 18.

Out of the 18 times he fumbled, he lost 11, portraying his lack of ball security and awareness in the pocket. This off-season, Daniel has been working consistently on drills to help alleviate this significant concern. If he can rid himself of this issue moving forward, Jones will have all of the positive tools to become a solidified franchise passer for the New York Giants.

On a zoom call with media members, Jones stated that he’s been working on ball security, particularly in the pocket and protecting the rock. He said it’s a “fairly simple fix” and “you just have to keep two hands on it.” Practicing this over and over again will ultimately be the solution at the end of the day, but we won’t know if this problem has been solved until the regular season when he is under pressure by starting pass rushers.

Nonetheless, the Giants drafted left tackle Andrew Thomas to help solidify the offensive front to give Jones the protection he needs. The second your signal-caller was sacked 38 times in his rookie campaign, a number far too high if the Giants want him to remain healthy in the future. In addition, having a healthy Saquon Barkley back on the field will help his security blanket and give him a check down he can rely on. All of these factors play into his ball security and getting the football out quicker.

The offensive players are all communicating via Zoom to learn the new playbook, in which Jones said things are going well. The biggest difference will be the verbiage, he stated.