New York Giants: Daniel Jones planning to learn from Josh Allen this offseason

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This season, it will be impossible to avoid the comparisons between New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Josh Allen. As much as coaches like to talk about not comparing players, it’s clear that Allen’s success has played some role in the Giants’ hiring decisions. After all, it’s likely Brian Daboll wouldn’t be here as Giants head coach if it wasn’t for his role in developing Allen into a franchise QB.

While the Giants are far from bound to Daniel Jones forever, it’s clear that the team’s owners intend to at least try giving Jones one more shot to succeed with a better support system.

It’s a high pressure season coming up, and Jones plans on using the offseason to learn from someone that’s already had success with Daboll: Josh Allen himself.

Daniel Jones plans to talk with Josh Allen

“Going forward I plan to try to get in touch with him,” Jones told the New York Post.

It looks like he specifically plans to seek advice on getting things working with his new head coach.

“I think just kind of general stuff on how they made it work so well… How he went about building that relationship, and how he learned best and just made it work.”

Jones going to Allen makes a lot of sense, given the Bills DNA in this rebuild. The connection only deepened further when the Giants signed Shea Tierney from Buffalo as quarterbacks coach.

The former Bills assistant QB coach also played a hand in Allen’s improvement, and was on the Alabama staff with Daboll in 2017 as an analyst.

Allen, however, is surrounded by better talent than what the Giants have right now. Even if the Giants make big strides this season in coaching, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s enough talent for Jones to show a turnaround like Allen’s.

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