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New York Giants: Daniel Jones Earns Dalton Comparison From Kurt Warner

by Cay North

Daniel Jones is the main talking point right now for the New York Giants, at least during the preseason when Jones is the player that fans are keeping the closest eye on after his selection within the first 10 picks of the NFL Draft, and there’s been plenty of takes supporting both Jones and Manning as the team’s starters this season.

The team has firmly said a number of times that Manning is the starter in week one, and likely for the season as a whole, but Jones isn’t going to stop being a subject of conversation for a long time, it seems. This time, the one giving the take is a former Giants quarterback who will likely be remembered more for his time with other teams – this, of course, is Kurt Warner, who played with the Giants for one year in 2004 before Eli Manning took over as the starter.

Now, Warner is giving insight on the player that may in the future end up replacing Manning in a similar way to how Manning came in and replaced Warner back in the early 2000s.

“Andy Dalton is to me that kind of guy. Andy is a really good quarterback that I watch. He anticipates well, he sees things well. I really like him, but physically he’s limited where he can’t make that special throw consistently to take his team past just getting into the playoffs,” Warner told NJ Advance Media. “That’s kind of how I see Daniel.”

Dalton, of course, has been with the Cincinnati Bengals since 2011 and has been a good enough starter to keep his job and prevent the Bengals for making serious moves for another player, while also consistently missing out on getting an ‘elite’ rating from analysts and critics. Dalton has been good, but never good enough to make a deep playoff run with, which is why the Dalton comparison isn’t exactly the most hopeful for Daniel Jones in the long term.

“He’s got a lot of the same traits as Andy Dalton. Really good, anticipates, sees things really well, reads things really well, accurate, all those things. But that’s what I want to see. Can he be better than an Andy Dalton, who, in his right mind, is going to have an unbelievable career and be a really, really, really good quarterback in this league for a long time,” Warner added.

It remains to be seen whether or not a ‘really good’ quarterback is good enough for the Giants. The team is in a brutal media market, after all, and Jones is expected to replace a player that won two Super Bowls. Still, we haven’t seen Jones in the regular season at all just yet. That will happen at some point, but from the sound of things, the team intends to make fans and media alike wait much longer to see just how all of the Jones comparisons hold up in the games that matter.

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