New York Giants: 2020 Training Camp Could Be Relocated

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones.

The New York Giants have concluded rookie minicamp, but training camp remains a mystery. The team may require a change in plans thanks to the quarantines still effecting the New York and New Jersey area, which have already affected the offseason by preventing the staff from being able to meet with players as would usually happen. One of those changes in plans may end up being a relocation to another site for training camp.

That’s according to head coach Joe Judge, who said as much on a conference call with reporters. He called it one of multiple scenarios the Giants are mapping out.

“In terms of relocating, our ops department is doing a great job right now mapping out a lot of different scenarios in terms of, if for some reason we have to relocate, making connections around the area, around the country, as to whatever we may need to do,” Judge said.

Unlike some teams that already hold training camp outside of their main locale, the Giants would normally hold their training camp right in East Rutherford – this, however, isn’t a normal offseason.

The Giants are waiting on direction from the NFL to move back to regular training rather than the remote programs the Giants have used earlier in this offseason.

“We’re waiting on direction from the league in terms of making a decision on that. Hopefully, in a perfect world, we’re all back in New Jersey training sooner than later. But we’re planning for a lot of hypotheticals and, if they come up, we’re not caught by surprise,” Judge continued. “Look, I would love to have them in Jersey right now. I would love for the setup of a remote campus, if that were what is necessary. But getting to the campus and making sure while we’re there we’re not exposed to anything, we have to consider that as well.”

Under normal circumstances this training camp would be rather anticipated because it’s the first under a new head coach and the Giants have added a number of additions on offense and defense, while welcoming back a second year starter at quarterback.

All of those narratives, however, may be overshadowed by the conversation on whether or not training camp will happen at all given the situation right now.

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