Giants’ veteran cornerback seems to be heading for departure in free agency this offseason

Adoree' Jackson of the Giants on the field during pre game warm ups. The New York Giants host the Los Angeles Rams on December 31, 2023 at at MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants are likely to lose one of their key veteran defenders this offseason. CB Adoree’ Jackson is heading for free agency after spending the last three seasons as a starter in Big Blue’s lineup. But in 2024, Jackson is likely to start a new chapter of his career as he heads for a departure from New York in free agency.

Adoree’ Jackson and the Giants seem to be heading for a breakup

This season, Jackson wrapped up the third and final year of his deal with New York signed back in 2021. It was a disappointing campaign for both Jackson and the Giants as he surrendered 752 yards in coverage this season while the team limped its way to a 6-11 record.

With the offseason underway, a breakup between Jackson and the Giants seems imminent. In a recent interview with Ryan Dunleavy of The New York Post, Jackson alluded to his upcoming departure through free agency:

“I think it’s like when you and your girl are going through a tough time and everyone on the outside is looking for your downfall,” Jackson told Dunleavy. “The Giants are going to look for another corner and another team is going to look for a corner, which is me. I want to be there, but this is our break period. Technically, I’m not on the team, but my locker is still in the facility, and I go over there when I stay out [in New Jersey].”

Jackson compared his relationship with the Giants to that of a girlfriend, leaving the door open for a potential return, but recognizing it’s probably for the best that both parties go on their separate paths.

Could the Giants still retain Jackson?

However, there is still a chance Jackson will get extended this offseason. The Giants do need to upgrade at cornerback, but retaining Jackson could be a good way to maintain continuity in the secondary.

“If I come back, it’s all good,” Jackson said per The Post. “If I don’t, is it going to hurt? It will, but I know it’s a business.”

Ultimately, like so many veteran players in this league, Jackson is looking to play for a contender. He got a taste of the postseason in 2022 with Big Blue, but two of his three seasons with the team were losing efforts. Jackson wants an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl next season:

“I want to win a Super Bowl, and I know the Giants are capable of winning because we saw [in the 2022 playoff run] that it was a possibility,” Jackson said to Dunleavy. “It boils down to the pieces and the staff being on the same page and doing the right thing to help us get there.”

The Giants do not appear to be a team well-positioned to make a Super Bowl run in 2024. They have plenty of holes across their roster, a massive question mark at the quarterback position, and a coaching staff overturn that could ultimately cause inconsistencies to arise during the regular season.

Entering this offseason, an upgrade at cornerback is in order for New York. Jackson struggled last season, letting up a 65.9% completion rate for 752 yards in coverage with a 12.5% missed tackle rate — all the highest marks he’s had since joining the Giants in 2021.

Jackson was once considered a top-tier cornerback with the Giants, but those days seem to be behind him. A change of scenery would benefit Jackson and allow the Giants to upgrade at the cornerback position in 2024.

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