Giants: Stephen A. Smith goes nuts over Tiki Barber comments, threatens to air dirty laundry

New York Giants, Tiki Barber

The New York Giants haven’t exactly had the most positive bout of media attention over the past few weeks, ranging from Brian Flores indicting the organization in a lawsuit to rock bottom on the football field.

Flores’s comments spurred an uproar from analysts and talking heads across the sports-scape, one of which was former Giants running back, Tiki Barber.

Barber came to the defense of ownership, indicating that they would never disrespect a minority candidate in the way Flores brought to light.

“The fact that the Maras, and I always say this with the Tisches as well, they embraced me like I was family, you know what I mean? And so, I know them intimately, so when I say that I don’t believe they’re racist — I know they’re not,” Barber told Brandon Tierney on their WFAN Sports Radio show “Tiki & Tierney.”

Barber went on to target Stephen A. Smith for his comments regarding the organization:

“I can’t sit here, with conviction, like Stephen A. [Smith], who doesn’t know anybody in the Giants’ organization and claim that they’re a racist organization. I would never do that. The only reason I would do that is because I’m trying to make a point, and my point is that Brian Flores is trying to make a point,” said Barber.

“Tiki Barber took the liberty of sounding off about me [on Feb. 2], talking how about I called the New York Giants racist and how I don’t know anybody there … First of all, I don’t recall calling the Giants racist. I brought to the attention that you got a guy like [team owner] John Mara on the [NFL’s] Diversity Committee and this man has never hired a black coach in the history of the franchise — one of only six franchises to do it,” Smith said.

“Tiki, you don’t know who the hell I know. I’ve been a journalist for almost 30 years, I know a few people within the Giants organization,” Smith said, before making he matter a bit more personal

“I know a lot of stuff about you, my brother, that I would never say because I have the decency not to say those things.”

There’s no telling with Smith knows about Barber, but this was a clear threat from a media member that makes a living sensationalizing stories for entertainment.

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