Giants skip Colin Kaepernick’s workout after location change

John Fennelly
New York Giants, Dave Gettleman
Dec 29, 2017; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman addresses the media at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants had planned on scouting free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s open workout in Atlanta on Saturday but ended up skipping it after the location was changed.

The workout, which was originally set to take place at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility in Flowery Branch, which is about an hour northeast of downtown Atlanta but was moved to a high school field south of the city due to several conflicts between Kaepernick and the NFL.


As NJ Advance Media first reported last week, the Giants were among 24 teams planning to scout the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback before a chaotic Saturday changed those plans.


“It is our understanding the changes changed the plans for several other teams, too,” the individual said Sunday.


Once the league cancelled Kaepernick’s throwing session and interviews at the Falcons’ facility and the 32-year-old decided to proceed as planned without NFL oversight at Charles R. Drew High School south of Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, the Giants and several other teams decided not to attend.

Kaepernick wanted to run a free form workout while the NFL wanted him to sign a waiver dictating the terms of the workout. The league also was attempting to restrict media access to the event, and that simply would have defeated the purpose of the whole affair for Kaepernick, who is out for the publicity as much as he is for reigniting his career.

The Giants and 15 other teams bailed after Kaepernick’s people decided to forego the NFL’s workout and move the workout to a location some 55 miles south of Flowery Branch.

It was a long shot that the Giants were willing to take a flier on Kaepernick in any event, so nothing ventured, nothing gained – or lost. As of this writing, no team has shown interest and that just might suit Kaepernick just fine as reports have surfaced that he would be perfectly content not playing another down in the NFL.