Giants plan to get creative with new TE Darren Waller

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The New York Giants are planning to deploy a new, dynamic weapon this season following the acquisition of tight end Darren Waller. The Giants pulled off a blockbuster trade for the veteran tight end this offseason, giving Daniel Jones an explosive receiving threat to work with. Head coach Brian Daboll recently shed some insight on the “creative” ways the team plans to utilize their new addition.

Giants planning to ‘experiment’ with ways to use TE Darren Waller

The Giants’ offensive scheme could be changing quite a bit this season as it adapts to its new personnel. Big Blue could start passing the ball at a much higher rate in 2023 after adding a premier receiving talent in Darren Waller.

“I just think it depends on the team we have,” Daboll said when asked whether or not the team would take a more pass-heavy approach this year. “I think everything we try to do is geared toward our team and where our team’s at.”

The team is in a very different place now than they were last season. Adding a talented player like Waller into the offense will force the Giants to make some adjustments.

“Darren, I think, is a good football player,” Daboll said. “I’m happy that we traded for him. To get him in our system, to let him see how he processes our calls, to get him out on the field, to read his body language, he’s been a very talented player in the league. I’m happy we have him. And I’m looking forward to working with him.”

“He’s a pretty unique player, I would say. We’ve just got to get him into the building and start working with him in terms of learning our stuff. But he’s a talented player.”

The Giants will need to get creative in their usage of Waller in order to maximize his skillset. “They’ve lined him up in different spots,” Daboll explained. He’s worked under different head coaches. I think whatever we feel is best for him and our team, that’s what we’ll try to do. In the springtime, it’s a time to kind of experiment on some things and see what works and see what doesn’t and try to build off that.”

Darren Waller receiving alignment in 2022 (per PFF):

  • Inline TE: 17.4%
  • Wide: 20%
  • Slot: 61.9%

Darren Waller is an offensive weapon unlike anything Daniel Jones has ever had the chance to play with. Waller will serve as a legitimate receiving threat in New York’s offense and could replicate the production of a no. 1 receiver. It will be exciting to see what creative ways Brian Daboll utilizes his new tight end.

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