Giants News, 6/20: Eli Manning drops legendary dad joke, Kadarius Toney shoots back at ‘bust’ narrative

Eli Manning, New York Giants

The legends of former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his jokes throughout the years have vibrated through teammates and coaches alike. Ranging from changing the language settings on his teammates’ phones to cracking harmless jokes, Eli has always been first to reveal a smile, despite his serious face and disciplined ways on the field.

It is always exciting to see Manning creating content behind the scenes with the Giants, and for Father’s Day, he dropped a few legendary jokes, one of which was targeted at Tom Brady.

Eli simply asked, “what’s Tom Brady’s favorite wine?”

To which he responded with the punchline, “I can’t beat the Giants!”

Even after retirement, Manning still finds a way to touch the hearts of Giants fans, and this is yet another example of his value to the franchise off the field.

Kadarius Toney is receiving undeserving negative attention, and hopefully, it doesn’t get to him:

Since when is it a crime for players to have other hobbies aside from football? The Giants’ 20th overall pick has been creating music for years now, but fans seem to believe it is a distraction toward his game and believe his inception with the team thus far has been rocky. Aside from an equipment issue and having to leave mandatory practice early due to a family emergency, Toney has done nothing wrong to deserve this cynical attention he’s been garnering.

Kadarius shot back at fans who barraged his latest music video with negative feedback:

“Don’t kome over here kommenting on my music, and it ain’t got in to do with you! I been rappin almost 3 years now. You late! Football aint goin nowhere. Ima live my life however i want. Watever is said…i don’t kare!” Kadarius tweeted. “On god, football is some i do…it don’t make me who I am.”

Toney has every right to respond to haters that have already constructed an opinion based on fear. However, it is best for him to stay silent and let the negativity pass by without a reaction, as the New York media will always find a way to build upon click-worthy content. However, for the sake of my sanity, the attention that Toney is attracting it’s completely undeserving, and we should wait to see what he accomplishes on the field before making any premature judgments.

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