Giants News, 3/2: Joe Schoen leaves door open to trading Saquon Barkley, hits on salary cap health situation

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It is refreshing for New York Giants fans to see their general manager open up with a bit of honesty rather than staying quiet and behind the scenes while the team is destroyed from within. Former GM Dave Gettleman rarely spoke to the media, but when he did, he was bombarded with questions regarding his motives and decision-making.

In just the first few weeks of Joe Schoen’s employment with Big Blue, he has provided more truth and honesty to the media regarding the team’s salary space and how they will strategize around the rebuild.

At the NFL combine on Tuesday, Schoen made it clear that all players will be considered as trade pieces if other clubs look to inquire. The Giants don’t have the luxury of moving forward without making difficult decisions given the poor situation they face monetarily.

Schoen indicated that he would be willing to listen to offers for any player, even star running back Saquon Barkley, who was selected 2nd overall back in 2018, the same draft the Buffalo Bills landed Josh Allen just five picks later.

The New York Giants are looking to clear salary space:

“We’re still working through that, but I’m open to everything,” Schoen said. “Like whether it’s trading player for player; I’ll listen to anybody. If it’s trading a couple players — I’m not going to say the entire roster, [that] we’re open for business on the entire roster. But if anyone is going to call and they’re interested in any of our players. I’m certainly going to listen.

The Giants are currently -$12 million over the cap, meaning they will have to either cut or trade players to clear money this off-season.

“Again, we’re in a situation where unfortunately we have to get under the salary cap. We’re not in very good salary-cap health. Again, I’m not going to say yes to every deal, but I’m definitely going to listen and be open to the situations that are best for the New York Giants.”

Schoen has a competent plan that revolves around creating flexibility and building a foundation with youth players and veterans who won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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