Giants Mock Draft Trade Scenario: Atlanta Falcons make their move for a quarterback

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Staying in the top 10 of the 2022 NFL draft and adding more capital would be an ideal situation for the New York Giants. The QB market this off-season has been insane. Russell Wilson is heading to Denver, Deshaun Watson is being traded to the Browns, and other veterans are in flux.

With hype slowly building regarding Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis out of Liberty, teams could look to trade up and maximize their opportunity this year, putting the Giants in a perfect spot.

New general manager Joe Schoen has already indicated he would love to add more swings of the bat to his draft picks, especially as he tries to set the foundation for his roster. With the Atlanta Falcons trading Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts, a void has opened up, and the Giants could capitalize.

Mock trade between the Giants and Falcons:

-Falcons receive 5th overall pick: Pick Malik Willis

-Giants receive 8th overall and 2nd round pick (43rd) overall from Falcons

In this mock trade scenario, the Falcons receive the 5th overall pick, selecting Willis and his dynamic style of play. Having just signed Marcus Mariota on a two-year contract, the Falcons can buy time as they develop Willis behind the scenes for a season, using Mariota as a bridge quarterback.

Willis has phenomenal tangible traits, containing an elite arm with modernized athleticism at the quarterback position. It will take him time to learn an NFL system and avoid disguised coverages, but under the right leadership and coaching, he has All-Pro potential.

With the Carolina Panthers also needing a passer, they pose a significant threat to Atlanta’s plans, giving the Giants leverage in the situation. Given the move would only be three spots, the Giants gain an extra second-round pick in the process, which could be used at several different positions, including linebacker, offensive line, or even pass rusher.

Moving back to the 8th overall pick would give the Giants two consecutive selections, but they can very well miss out on one of the top offensive tackles available. However, if Carolina’s plans are foiled, and they elect to take the next best quarterback on the board, the Giants will be sitting pretty, waiting for the best players available on the board to drop.

In fact, this might be the best option for the Giants if they can convince the Falcons to give up a second-round pick and maybe even pin Carolina against them if both are eyeing a quarterback.

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