Giants: Looking at a sequence against the Bears that will make your eyes bleed

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The New York Giants recently fell to the Chicago Bears by a score of 29–3, but it might’ve been the cherry on top for an abysmal stretch of games.

The Giants have lost five consecutive contests, averaging fewer than 10 points and scoring less in that same timeframe than some teams scored in Week 17 alone.

There is no question that head coach Joe Judge is on the hot seat, and another blowout loss to the Washington Football Team in Week 18 could spell the end of his tenure wearing the Giants logo.

However, with the team in disarray and failing to put together a competent game plan and function at an NFL level, there is reason to believe that Judge could be out at head coach no matter what happens against Washington.

The pressure is on for owner John Mara, who is in the public eye as a result of years of nepotism and a failure to develop a competent coaching staff. Of course, the expectation is that general manager Dave Gettleman will be out at the end of the season, and depending on the strategy they use to bring in a replacement, Judge could be included or exiled in the process.

The logic behind Judge staying revolves around a quick turnover of head coaches in recent years, but one sequence of events against the Bears should tell us everything we need to know about the former Patriot assistant’s team and their functionality after two full seasons.

In the clip below, you will see four consecutive plays that detail precisely how inept the Giants really are. Ranging from their special teams IQ to simple execution of a running play, the Giants have all but given up on the season, and their effort tell the story.

Kick returner Pharoh Cooper allows the ball to fly over his head, seemingly into the end zone right off the bat. Instead, the ball falls about 5 yards short of the end zone, stopping dead in its tracks and keeping it a live ball, putting the Giants in awful field position. It would’ve been a turnover if Chicago had recovered the ball.

Coordinator Freddy Kitchens dials up three consecutive run plays, one of which resulted in a false start, pushing the Giants back inside the 1-yard line. If things couldn’t get any more obvious, consecutive halfback dives will always result in trouble if you have an offensive line that’s best resembled by Swiss cheese.

In the sequence of four plays, the Giants managed to botch a kickoff, one of the most straightforward plays to manage in a football game, and suffer three consecutive plays of negative yardage resulting in a safety. If that doesn’t break down exactly how poor this team is run and a lack of discipline, I can probably find 100 other clips to show the exact same thing.

At this point in time, the lack of execution across the board is apparent, and Judge is next up on the totem pole of blame with Gettleman preparing to exit. Reports have indicated that ownership will stick with Judge for one more season, but the obvious regression of the team has put ownership between a rock and a hard place.

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