Giants land dynamic quarterback at 6th overall in’s Mock Draft

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The consensus among football analysts is that the New York Giants would greatly benefit from selecting a quarterback in the first round of the upcoming draft. This move would likely signal the end of Daniel Jones’s tenure with the team after the 2024 season, thereby freeing up a significant amount of salary cap space for future team-building efforts.

Financial Implications and Coaching Philosophy

Jones is on track to have a $47.1 million salary cap hit for the 2024 season. By parting ways with him next year, the Giants could save $19.4 million, not including the potential to distribute his dead cap money over the final two years of his contract.

This strategy could unlock nearly $30 million in additional funds for free agency in the 2025 offseason, making the prospect of drafting a quarterback even more appealing. Brian Daboll’s hiring as head coach, given his expertise in developing quarterbacks, further suggests that the Giants are poised to allow him to choose and mentor his own quarterback prospect.

Giants’ Draft Prospects and Potential Moves

There’s growing speculation that the New England Patriots might be open to trading back in the 2024 NFL Draft or possibly avoiding drafting a quarterback altogether. Daniel Jeremiah of has projected that the Giants will select LSU standout Jayden Daniels with the 6th overall pick.

While Jeremiah’s mock drafts typically do not factor in potential trades, he noted that he wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the Giants moving up to secure a quarterback.

Daniels is portrayed as an ideal fit for the Giants’ offensive system, which aims to enhance its explosive play capability and downfield passing attack in 2024.

As one of college football’s premier rushing quarterbacks, Daniels also showcased his passing prowess at LSU, completing 332 attempts for 3,811 passing yards, including 40 touchdowns and just four interceptions. His performance was characterized by a 71.1% completion rate and a 79.6% adjusted completion rate, evidencing his efficiency and decision-making.

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Daniels’s Fit and the Giants’ Future

Transitioning to the NFL, the Giants will undoubtedly try to leverage his 63.6% completion rate when throwing the ball 20+ yards downfield. He has the highest grade of any quarterback in the draft class in that category, including a 1.7% turnover-worthy play rate, which is incredible on passes that deep.

However, Daniels wasn’t too bad in the intermediate and short ranges either. He enjoyed 963 passing yards and nine touchdowns from 10–19 yards away from the line of scrimmage and 1,193 yards with a 75.7% completion rate and seven touchdowns on passes 0–9 yards away from the LOS.

Comparisons to a more athletic Tyrod Taylor, but with a better arm and without the injury concerns, underscore Daniels’s potential impact as a rookie and his significant developmental upside. The Giants’ ambition to secure a quarterback with elite potential and a winner’s mindset aligns with their goal to rejuvenate the franchise’s prospects.

While the draft landscape may shift in the coming months, the prevailing view is that the New England Patriots, facing roster challenges, could benefit from acquiring additional draft capital. This scenario might enable the Giants to strategically position themselves to select a transformative player like Daniels, further investing in the team’s future with cost-controlled rookie contracts.

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