Giants’ Joe Schoen may risk it all and trade up for a quarterback

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The New York Giants‘ direction and success in the coming seasons heavily depend on quarterback Daniel Jones and the decisions made by General Manager Joe Schoen. Last off-season, Schoen invested significantly in Jones, handing him a $160 million deal over four years, reflecting both confidence and risk.

Jones’ Contract and Potential Successor Considerations

Daniel Jones is recovering from an ACL tear, and concerns about his injury history add an element of risk to the Giants’ investment. The team has a contractual out after the 2024 season, which could open up significant salary space and allow for a transition to a new quarterback. This decision looms large as the Giants evaluate their long-term strategy.

The 2025 draft class is reportedly weak in quarterback prospects, prompting the Giants to consider options in the current draft. Schoen, known for his assertiveness in draft decisions, may look to replicate his success with the Buffalo Bills, where he was instrumental in acquiring Josh Allen.

Exploring Giants’ Draft Strategies and Free Agency Indicators

Dan Duggan of The Athletic suggests that Schoen might be inclined to trade up in the draft if he identifies a quarterback capable of transforming the Giants. The team’s approach to free agency, particularly regarding backup quarterback signings, could signal their intentions.

A bold move by Schoen could even position Jones as a backup in 2024, signifying a significant shift in the team’s direction. However, securing a top quarterback prospect might be challenging, as the top teams in the draft order are expected to select the elite quarterbacks available, including Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels.

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Potential Draft Alternatives and Bears’ Influence

If the top quarterbacks are off the board, the Giants might focus on receiving talent, with prospects like Malik Nabers, Romeo Odunze, and tight end Brock Bowers as potential targets. Schoen’s willingness to trade up will be a key factor, especially if the Chicago Bears, holding the No. 1 pick, decide to stick with Justin Fields, thus limiting the Giants’ options.

The Bears’ decisions will significantly impact the Giants’ draft strategy. If Chicago opts to trade Fields and pursue a top quarterback prospect, it could close the door on the Giants’ plans to move up. In such a scenario, the Giants might have to wait for future drafts or consider developing a quarterback selected in the later rounds, with prospects like JJ McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr., and Bo Nix as potential candidates.