Giants: Daniel Jones aiming to create more explosive plays in 2023

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The New York Giants struggled to produce explosive plays on offense in 2022. Despite throwing for a career-high 3,205 passing yards last season, quarterback Daniel Jones rarely took shots downfield. In 2023, Jones is seeking to create more explosive plays as he enters his second season under Brian Daboll’s tutelage.

New York Giants lacked explosive plays in 2022

In 2022, Jones attempted only 26 passes 20+ yards downfield last season (second-least in the NFL), according to Pro Football Focus. However, chucking the ball deep downfield is not the only way to create explosive plays, as Jones recently pointed out on the Giants Huddle Podcast:

I think more often than not, the way you create explosive plays is just executing every play exactly how it’s supposed to be done. You love the bombs over the defense’s head, but it’s also the catch and runs where we set up a block or we throw an accurate ball that lets the guy continue, keep his speed, make a guy miss and then there’s an explosive play there. There’s so many things that can factor into that. We’ve got to make sure we’re executing as precisely, as well as we can, as consistently as possible to give us a chance to make those plays.

Daniel Jones via the Giants Huddle Podcast

Despite rarely attempting to throw the ball downfield, Jones was extremely efficient on 20+ yard passing attempts. He completed 43.5% of his deep passes (ninth) and posted a passer rating of 119.4 (third) in 2022, per PFF.

Increased comfort and confidence for Daniel Jones in 2023

Jones seems far more comfortable entering 2023, having earned himself a new contract this offseason and receiving stability within the team’s coaching staff.

“I think you have a better understanding of what you like and what you don’t like within the system, and certain plays and certain concepts that you may like more than you thought, or you don’t like as much as you thought you did,” Jones said of entering his second season in Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka’s offensive system. “So, I think all that kind of stuff and just the more reps the better. So, that’s the biggest thing.”

Giants backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor on Jones’ progress

Backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor has taken notice of Jones’ confidence this offseason:

Obviously more confident, not that he lacked confidence at all. I would just say whenever you’re in a system for the returning year, obviously you’re comfortable within what you have to do. Obviously, there’s always ways to be better and things to get better at, and I think he’s attacked each and every one of those areas of his game, full steam ahead this offseason and just try to be better in every aspect.

Tyrod Taylor via

Goals for Daniel Jones in 2023: More Big Plays and Team Success

Jones established himself as a franchise quarterback last season, silencing the critics and earning himself a lucrative contract extension. As the Giants’ signal-caller, Jones will seek to create more big plays and lead the team to more success in 2023.

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