Giants could trade up for a quarterback ‘if the situation presents itself,’ says NFL Insider

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If the Giants want to make a big splash at the quarterback position in the 2024 NFL Draft, they will have to give up a substantial haul. The Chicago Bears could decide to move back and add draft capital for the future, building around Justin Fields or finding their way to another passer in the upcoming draft.

Alternatively, the Giants target the third overall selection, swapping picks with the New England Patriots and giving up a lot less than moving up to first overall. However, either path is risky and certainly puts all the chips on the table for General Manager Joe Schoen.

Evaluating the Trade-Up Options

On Monday, reports started to gain steam regarding the Giants potentially moving out of the sixth overall selection, with ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan suggesting that the Giants will consider all possibilities and could move up if the opportunity arises.

With Daniel Jones undergoing ACL reconstructive surgery and sustaining another neck injury last season, the Giants would be taking another substantial risk running it back with him in 2024 and beyond.

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Financial Considerations and Future Implications

They are better off taking the out in his contract and saving upward of $20 million during the 2025 off-season. The Giants can help supplement lost draft capital with free agency funds, and they would have plenty by getting rid of Jones’s deal and not having to pay several first-round picks over the next few years.

Obviously, this would be the type of all-in risk that promotes future success or sets the team back years. However, the Giants are already one of the worst teams in football. They aren’t headed in the direction of a deep post-season run, so they are better off taking the risk on an elite quarterback prospect they can develop into something special, changing the course of the franchise.

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