Giants generating buzz as potential suitor to trade up to 1st overall

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The New York Giants would be better off drafting a quarterback in the first round than sticking with Daniel Jones long-term. Jones is coming off an ACL tear and another significant neck injury, putting his career in jeopardy.

Not to mention, he will count $41.6 million against the cap in 2025 if the Giants don’t take the out after his 2024 season. They will have to pay $22.2 million in dead money, but they can spread it out over the final two years of the deal to reduce it to just $11 million per season.

By cutting Jones, they would open up about $20 million in available salary space and a max of $30 million if they spread the dead money over the final two seasons of the contract. Hypothetically, by opening up more salary space, the Giants can supplement the loss of several first-round picks in exchange for a top quarterback prospect.

The Giants’ Draft Strategy and Potential Moves

Several reports have started to gain buzz around the idea of the Giants moving up to the first overall pick, which the Chicago Bears currently hold. The Bears have two first-round selections and could re-tool multiple positions and add draft capital for the future by moving back, but they would be passing on their choice of top quarterback prospects.

According to Cam Marino, a national NFL analyst, the Giants have been monitoring the move-up market since last month, suggesting they could be gearing up to move on from Jones after 2024, utilizing him as a bridge quarterback.

Of course, this would insinuate general manager Joe Schoen swinging for the fences with his job on the line. The Giants need to put together a winning season or reset the rookie quarterback to reduce costs and help invest elsewhere in free agency.

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Financial Implications and Future Considerations

Jones’s contract continues to bog down the team and their future plans, especially since the worst-case scenario unfolded in 2023. A season-ending injury and his contract being more of a liability than a solution has forced Schoen into a peculiar spot.

In today’s NFL, an elite quarterback is required to win championships, and the Giants have a chance to land a player with that type of upside, so it’s not out of the question that they could make a risky move. In addition, owner John Mara hired Brian Daboll to develop quarterbacks, so not allowing him to pick his player of choice would be a huge waste of time.

To move up to the 1st overall selection would require a minimum of three first-round picks or a similar value, so Schoen must be willing to mortgage the future on a singular player. With that being said, the Giants are already one of the worst teams in football, so taking a big risk wouldn’t do that much damage long-term.

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