Giants could pursue Buffalo free agent receiver who is super close with Brian Daboll

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Despite the New York Giants restructuring the contract in Sterling Shepard, they could still look to the wide receiver free-agent market for support. Logically, new head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen may want to reunite with some familiar players, and one Buffalo Bills free agent could fit the bill perfectly with what the Giants are trying to do on offense.

Isaiah McKenzie, 26, makes perfect sense for Daboll and his new offense, showcasing Olympic speed and agility. With Shepard still recovering from a torn Achilles he sustained in the final game of the 2021 season, the Giants could use a bit more velocity and talent out of the slot alongside Kadarius Toney.

Given McKenzie’s relationship with Daboll, I would be surprised if the Giants didn’t at least put in an offer for his services. Last season, McKenzie only recorded 178 receiving yards over 20 receptions, posting one touchdown. He also tallied 47 rushing yards and a score, contributing to the kick return department as well.

After being benched after a muffed kick-off earlier in the 2021 season, McKenzie had a dominant outing against the New England Patriots in Week 16. He tallied 125 yards and a score, catching 91.7% of his targets.

“Dabes is running down towards me in the locker room with the biggest smile on his face, like jumping, knees up,” McKenzie explained, via “I’m like, ‘Damn, boy, what is up with you?’ He hugged me and he slapped my hand and hugged me and said, ‘I love you, and I’m proud of you.’”

You can see firsthand the type of relationship that Daboll has with his players, which is one of the biggest reasons the Giants committed to him as their new head coach.

“We’d eat barbecue and the sun’s out and we’re outside having fun, he’d have his shirt off – and that’s a sight to see,” McKenzie said laughing. “He’s like, ‘You eat whatever you want and you can come over whenever you want.’ I didn’t know him that well or that he was that cool of a coach, inviting us over and stuff. I was just getting to know him. But as time went on and I kept going over there and eating food and he would take me in like a son. … He was my coach, but he treated me like a son and I appreciate him for that.”

The NFL is a relationship’s league, and the obvious connection between the two makes it probable that the Giants will at least have their hand in the cookie jar for Isaiah’s services.
Fortunately, his numbers weren’t astronomical last season, so he likely won’t cost an arm and a leg. However, the Giants can offer him a multi-year deal and the opportunity to take over after Sterling Shepard‘s contract eventually ends next season. In the meantime, he will have the first few games of the year to justify starting snaps, even when Shepard returns.