Former New York Giants star running back praises Joe Judge

New York Giants, Tiki Barber

The New York Giants hired Joe Judge, formerly of the New England Patriots, to be their head coach for several essential reasons. First, he brings an insight tailored to success and fundamentals. The hard-nosed style of football Judge expects to bring to New York matches up precisely with what GM Dave Gettleman views in terms of team-image.

Second, his evaluation process will be detailed and specific, finding which players can feature at different positions and maximize value across the board. However, his love for football might be the most exciting aspect of Judge, who lives and breathes the sport.

Former Giants running back, Tiki Barber, had only good things to say about Judge, as per SB Nation:

“You know, I’m excited for the steps they’re taking. I don’t know Joe Judge…but when you look at him and how he holds himself and how he carries himself and the things that he says, it gives you that belief that there is that focus on detail that coach Coughlin obviously espoused. The details and toughness.”

“And then the staff he built, I love,” said Barber. “I’m biased because Jason Garrett is a friend of mine, but I think he’s a great offensive mind and he’s brought in a lot of experience. Not necessarily pro head coaches but people who have experience in leadership positions, and that’s going to help this team.


“The talent is there,” added Barber, speaking on the Giants roster. “Obviously there’s some deficiencies but the talent is there. They just need to start executing and focusing on those details.”

The New York Giants took all precautions with the coaching staff:

Barber hits on an important question — is Judge ready to be a head coach? That’s where Jason Garrett and Freddie Kitchens enter the mix, as their leadership experience will help Judge adapt to the role. It will also ease the burden of managing the entire team when you have capable coaches at each unit who can hold their own.

If Barber is right about Judge, the Giants will be in a good spot moving forward, but it ultimately boils down to the players they bring in this offseason.

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