Draft Rumors: Chiefs eyeing top-10 pick, could the Giants take advantage?

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With the Philadelphia Eagles executing a blockbuster deal with the New Orleans Saints, gaining an extra 2023 first-round pick, the New York Giants may be more willing to move back in the 2022 NFL draft.

Unless management is truly 100% committed to Daniel Jones, the Giants need an insurance policy for the future, so adding another first-rounder for next off-season could be essential to their game plan. They can go a few different directions this year, especially with the Pittsburg Steelers eyeing a quarterback in the first round. However, another team has entered the mix as a potential trade-up candidate, the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to 610’s Fescoe In The Morning, there are rumors suggesting the Chiefs could move up to the top-10 for a wide receiver:

“I got a call last night from somebody who floated this rumor out that they heard about the Chiefs,” Fescoe said. “And it was that the Chiefs trading both 1’s and their second-round picks — whether it’s 40 or 50, depending on how high they want to move up — to get to around Top 5 in the Draft. Now to get to Top 5 in the Draft, they would have to trade their two 1’s and that first second-round pick. If they want to get to 7-8 in the Draft, they can trade their two 1’s and their second second-round pick and move up to there. And the target, from what I heard yesterday, appears to be Garrett Wilson, the wide receiver out of Ohio State.”

You don’t often see teams moving up in the draft for a receiver, but the Chiefs desperately need to replace Tyreek Hill, and the Giants could capitalize.

The Chiefs currently host the 29th, 30th, 50th, and 62nd overall picks this year. I doubt the Giants would want to move back that far, missing out on a plethora of premium talents, so requiring a 2023 first-rounder may be in the cards. The issue is that the Chiefs are nearly guaranteed to make the postseason, meaning their 2023 first-rounder may not be that valuable.

If Giants general manager Joe Schoen really wants to add essential draft capital for the future, the Chiefs may not be the best team to connect with. However, if they’re willing to dish out three first-round picks to move into the top-10, the Giants may have no choice but to bite, even if they’re later on.

The report indicates Kansas City is eyeing Ohio State receiver Garrett Wilson as their draft target in the top-10, and the Giants are obviously a premium trade candidate given they have the 5th and 7th overall selections.

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