Could the New York Giants’ offense be a surprisingly good unit in 2022?

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The New York Giants‘ offense was abysmal in 2021. The Giants’ offense ranked second-to-last in the NFL with 287.3 yards per game and 15.2 points per game last season. This pitiful performance ultimately led to the firing of the Giants’ coaching stuff and the ushering in of a new head coach, Brian Daboll, whose background is rooted in the offensive side of the game. Despite how bad the Giants’ offense was last year, it could be a surprisingly good unit in 2022.

Why the Giants’ offense could be surprisingly good in 2022

The Daboll Effect

The New York Giants’ offense “could be a surprise unit in 2022,” according to Pro Football Focus. PFF cites the addition of head coach Brian Daboll as a reason for improvement. Daniel Jones started the 2021 season off strong before things fell apart around him, causing an implosion on his and the Giants’ season. PFF says that Daboll “could have a real impact” on Daniel Jones, potentially spurring a year-four breakout from the team’s quarterback.

Head coach Brian Daboll has coached some of the NFL’s best offenses in recent years. The former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator coached the Bills to an impressive 28.4 points per game in 2021 (ranked third). Daboll gained notoriety in the NFL for his work with Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Josh Allen struggled as a rookie and sophomore but took a huge leap forward in year-three. This leap was sparked by an influx of new skill position talent, but also the implementation of a brand-new offense from offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Daboll evolved the Bills’ offense into a scheme that ditched the heavy, and went all-in on spread, resulting in the breakout of Josh Allen.

Staff and roster improvements

Daniel Jones could have a similar boost in production this year. The Giants’ skill position players should be healthier this year. They should also be better coached than ever before now that Brian Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka are in town. Daboll and Kafka come to New York after both being involved with two offenses that ranked in the top-five in each of the last two seasons (Bills and Chiefs).

The New York Giants’ offensive coaching staff has improved drastically. With some recent acquisitions upfront, it appears that the Giants’ offensive line has also improved drastically. Mix in a couple of new skill position players with a healthier version of the current group, and you have a Giants offense that is shaping up to be a sneaky good unit.

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