Bart Scott Rips New York Giants’ Eli Manning For Being Too Soft

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.
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If you have sat down and watched a New York Giants game in the past three years, you’ve probably witnesses Eli Manning falling helplessly to the ground in fear of being hit. The offensive line has been putrid and it has resulted in a quarterback that’s far more focused on incoming pass-rushers than his wide receivers.

Bart Scott, a former player for the New York Jets and current talking head, believes Manning is too soft and won’t do what’s necessary for his team.

Here’s what Scott had to say on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning:

“I just don’t know if they can right the ship,” Scott said on WFAN on Friday. “To right the ship — we all thought Saquon Barkley was going to make it easier for him. It’s easier for him if he turns around and hands the ball off. They’re not even incorporating him in to the run game. For Eli to have play action, you’ve got to run the football. So if they want to save Eli, you’ve got to hand the ball off 30 times a game.”

What Scott says about the running game is true…it’s imperative that Saquon Barkley is given the ball as much as possible, especially with the passing game struggling as much as it is. Manning needs to running game to be effective to succeed in the passing game by using play-action and creating single coverage with his receivers.

Scott went on to say that Manning is too conservative with the ball and needs to step up into the pocket and take a few hits. He needs to be resilient and throw the ball while under pressure, as he often times crumbled to the ground when he feels under duress.

Making the connection of CTE to Manning’s style of play is a bit wayward, but I do agree that the Giants’ quarterback needs to step into the pocket and deliver a pass despite the incoming hit.