UFC’s Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington involved in restaurant fight in Miami

The bad blood is far from over after UFC 272. Earlier this month, Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal had their opportunity to settle the score inside the octagon after years of trash talking and bad blood.

The fight went how most expected as Covington used his superior grappling and cardio to break down Masvidal. After the fight was over, there was still clearly animosity between the two men.

Almost every day since the fight ended at UFC 272, Colby Covington has been posting images of the fight on his Instagram. Jorge Masvidal has mostly remained quiet outside of interviews where he expressed his frustration in his lack of wrestling from the fight.

Last night, Covington was out in Miami with the Nelk Boys and social media star Bob Menery. The former interim UFC champion who has dubbed himself “The King of Miami” was at Papi Steak in Miami beach. Per reports, as Covington was leaving, Masvidal and an entourage showed up.


UFC’s Next Steps

The Nelk Boys had posted the location earlier in the evening and Masvidal’s manager got word of where Covington was at. He relayed that information to Masvidal who then showed up to the restaurant.

Per reports, Masvidal jumped Covington and started throwing punches. The two men were quickly separated and the cops were called. Covington can be seen surrounded by cops while talking to people in the TMZ footage here.

This of course is not the first time that Masvidal has been involved in a situation outside the UFC octagon. We of course all remember the “Three-Piece and a Soda” combination that he landed on Leon Edwards back stage a few years ago.

That being said, I don’t think there’s any negative implications from the UFC’s side of things. I’m torn on this situation. As a father, I get where Jorge is coming from in wanting to exact some revenge for the comments that were made.

On the flip side, they literally just fought on a regulated platform and the reality is that Covington dominated the fight. If Masvidal would’ve won, there would have been no need to try and jump Covington but it resulted in that because of the UFC 272 outcome.

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