Colby Covington controls and dominates Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272

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Tonight in the main event of UFC 272, we saw one of the biggest grudge matches in the promotion’s history. Former best friends turned bitter rivals battled it out as Jorge Masvidal (35-15) took on Colby Covington (16-3).

Both of these men have a deep past together and they both are two of the best welterweights in the UFC. These two used to corner each other for every fight and they used to be roommates. Colby Covington said the two men were like brothers.

However, that friendship has since soured and now we will see the culmination at UFC 272. Jorge Masvidal is fighting for the first time since last April when he was knocked out by Kamaru Usman. It was Masvidal’s second straight loss to Usman.

Covington is in a similar position. The last time we saw Covington was at UFC 268 when he lost a close decision to Usman. Like Masvidal, this was Covington’s second loss to the current welterweight champion.

This fight means so much to both men not just from a personal standpoint, but from a divisional standpoint. A lot was riding on this fight at UFC 272.

UFC 272 Recap

Round 1

Of course there was no touch of the gloves to start the UFC 272 main event. Masvidal runs at Covington and goes for a jumping kick but doesn’t come close to landing. Covington circling around the outside and Masvidal lands a nice low kick. Wild left from Covington misses and a brutal leg kick lands for Masvidal.

Extended combination from Covington and Masvidal complains of an eye poke. Covington tries to secure a takedown attempt but Masvidal defends well. Covington gets him to the ground, but Masvidal bounces right back to his feet. Covington heavy on the pressure and he drags Masvidal right back down.

Again, Masvidal bounces up and again, he’s dragged back down. Covington gets the back of Masvidal and he’s looking for a rear naked choke. Masvidal defends well but Covington is still on his back here. Heavy top pressure from Covington here.

Covington continues to look for a rear naked choke, but Masvidal is remaining calm and composed here. Little shots landing for Covington but he’s mainly looking to control here and open up the submission. The mount is there for Covington if he wants it.

Mount for Covington and he’s looking to posture up. Masvidal spins and gives up his back, but he’s able to get back to his feet. Nice elbows from Covington, but Masvidal gets the break and they’re striking. Big right hand lands for Masvidal and a body kick. The round ends and it’s 1-0 Covington at UFC 272.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC 272 and it goes without saying that Masvidal needs to keep this fight standing and keep it at distance. Covington takes the center to start the second and he goes for a head kick. Oblique kick from Masvidal and now Masvidal goes on the attack. Big low kick from Gamebred.

Another low kick from Masvidal and a lunging left hook lands for Covington. Big body kick lands for Masvidal and his kicks are definitely doing damage here. Nice 1-2 lands for Covington and he chains it into a takedown attempt. Good elbows from Masvidal but Covington has a good body lock.

Covington drops down as he’s trying to secure the legs and then he pops up and lands an elbow. A low shot lands for Covington and that causes Herb Dean to break the two men up. Back at it and a really nice lead right hook lands for Covington. Covington landing nicely here and he tries to get a clinch.

Both men swinging big here halfway through the round. Nice right hand lands for Masvidal. 1-2 lands for Covington and then he slips trying for a kick. Masvidal gets top position, but Covington immediately reverses the position and gets the back of Masvidal.

Masvidal bounces right back up and they’re back to striking. Heavy pressure from Covington and he’s really touching up Masvidal here. More good shots from Covington. Big counter combination from Masvidal. Low kick from Masvidal but Covington lands another big combination. Two rounds in at UFC 272 and it could be even.

Round 3

Entering the third at UFC 272 and this fight is very competitive. Covington immediately runs to the center to start the third, but he eats a kick from Masvidal. Big pressure from Covington and he tries chaining a combination into a takedown attempt. However, Masvidal defends well.

More shots from Covington and he tries for another takedown and he’s able to get it. Covington settles into the guard of Masvidal and he starts working elbows. Body shots landing from Covington and he lands three straight nasty elbows.

Big shots landing from Colby Covington here who is really turning things up from the top. More big elbows from Covington and Masvidal is doing little to defend here. No danger of a stoppage yet, but Covington is doing some serious work in the third round.

Covington postures up and he punches to the body then goes up top with an elbow. Masvidal tries to hip escape but Covington ends up in side control. A few more good shots land for Covington and then Masvidal gets things back to half guard.

Masvidal again tries to get up but he gives up his back again. Covington goes for the choke again, but Masvidal explodes out of it. Masvidal briefly gets top position but Covington almost immediately gets top position. Masvidal gets back to his feet and lands two good shots before the round ends. After three, Colby Covington has pulled ahead at UFC 272.

Round 4

Colby Covington appears to be in the driver’s seat as we enter the fourth round at UFC 272. Immediate pressure again from Covington and he lands a nice left straight. Body kick from Masvidal and he doubles it up. Leg kick lands from Masvidal. Bad shot attempt from Covington and Masvidal shrugs him off.

Immediate pressure from Covington and he lands a nice combination. He chains that directly into a clinch along the fence. Big takedown attempt from Covington but again, Masvidal defends. Covington immediately lands a couple of shots and tries for another takedown attempt. The pressure is intense from Covington.

Big uppercut from Covington and a right hand follows it. Immediately into another takedown attempt along the fence. Masvidal is defending but he’s really looking tired here in the fourth round. The pace Covington is putting on is really tough on Masvidal.

Halfway through the round and they separate. Another good combination from Covington and Masvidal looks hurt. Covington unloading on Masvidal against the fence and then he goes for a takedown. Again, Masvidal defends and they are back to striking.

Huge right hand from Masvidal and down goes Covington. Covington smiles, but he’s hurt. Another big shot from Masvidal, but Covington is staying in the pocket with Masvidal. Covington now answering with big shots of his own.

Masvidal looks tired, but he’s still got plenty of pop. The round comes to a close and that’s a tough one to score at UFC 272.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC 272 and conventional wisdom would say that Masvidal needs a finish here. Covington immediately pushes across to start the fifth round. Two really big left hands from Covington and he immediately gets deep on a takedown attempt.

Covington secures the takedown. Masvidal tries to use the fence, but again, Covington gets to his back. Covington looking for the choke, but Masvidal is defending well by keeping his chin tucked. Masvidal spins and gets back to his feet but Covington still has a body lock.

Knees to the thighs from Covington and he drags Masvidal back to the ground. Again, Masvidal bounces back to his feet, but Covington is like a wet blanket here. Masvidal is exhausted, but there’s no quit in him here. Masvidal gets back to his feet, but Covington still on the back and he drags Gamebred right back down.

Little shots raining down from Covington. Masvidal spins and tries to use a leg to get back to his feet. However, Covington again reverses and gets the dominant position. There is just a massive difference between these two men on the ground.

Mount from Colby Covington and he’s really going for the finish here in the final minute. Big shots from Covington and he rides out the fight from the top and he’s going to get a decision win here.

Colby Covington def. Jorge Masvidal by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 50-44, 50-45)

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