UFC: Anthony Pettis vs Anderson Silva?

UFC, Anderson Silva

Anthony Pettis recently posted on his Instagram, a picture of him watching and studying UFC 234. Pettis wasn’t just watching the event as a whole; he was watching Israel Adesanya vs Anderson Silva. This fight is a super fight 100%, but should this fight actually happen? Anthony Pettis is still in great fighting shape and climbing back to the top, while Anderson Silva, well he hasn’t fought in a year, and hasn’t won a fight in 3.

Why the Fight Should Happen

It’s the ultimate money fight for both competitors. Money makes the world go round; this fight could easily command 700k pay-per-view buys by itself. Legacy will also come into question, Pettis has had a long, storied career, and Silva is one of the G.O.A.T.’s. The fans would be ecstatic to see these two Hall of Famers go at it. This is the type of fight you put together in the UFC games, but at least it’ll be more realistic this time.

Why the Fight Shouldn’t Happen

Anderson Silva is 45 years old, that right there should be enough to tell you that the fight shouldn’t happen. Since 2013, Anderson Silva has won one fight, and he has a record 1-6-1 in his last 8 fights. I’m getting serious BJ Penn vibes from Silva right now, and that’s a very bad thing. If Silva keeps fighting, his G.O.A.T. status will be lost, and UFC fans just look back and say he was the greatest Middleweight for these years. Very similar to what UFC fans say about Chuck Lidell. Lidell was the scariest man on the planet for 4 years, and he sorta tarnished his status with his later fighting years. I know no UFC fans want to see Silva get knocked out again. Also, what weight would this fight be at? Silva is heavier than a Middleweight right now, and I don’t think Pettis can reach 185 comfortably.


This fight should not happen at all. Pettis has everything to win, and Silva has everything to lose. Silva should stay retired and ride out into the sunset, and Pettis should fight someone like Geoff Neal.