UFC 292 Recap: Ian Garry chops down and dominates Neil Magny

On the main card of UFC 292, we saw a battle between two welterweight contenders just outside the top ten. Ian Garry (12-0) was looking to remain perfect as he took on veteran Neil Magny (28-10).

Originally, Geoff Neal was supposed to be Garry’s opponent tonight. However, after he had to pull out due to an injury, The Haitian Sensation stepped up and took the fight. Magny is coming off a win against Phil Rowe back in June. Overall, he’s 4-2 in his last six with the only losses coming to Shavkat Rakhmonov and Gilbert Burns.

Ian Garry made his debut in the UFC back in 2021. Since joining the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, Garry has gone a perfect 5-0. He’s been taking steps up in competition along the way and his last fight came against Daniel Rodriguez. Garry stopped Rodriguez in the first and then called for a fight with Neil Magny. It wasn’t his original opponent, but Garry is getting the fight he wanted.

UFC 292 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 292 welterweight contest gets underway with Magny taking the center. Low kick from Garry takes Magny off the feet but Magny is right back up. Another huge calf kick from Garry and Magny is once again taken off his feet. Body kick now from Garry. Double jab attempt from Magny gets him a little space.

Huge right hand over the top and another low kick from Garry. High kick attempt from Garry and then he throws a low kick when he resets. Another powerful calf kick from Garry and he is eating up Magny’s front leg. Now Magny goes to work throwing a couple of kicks. Magny upping the pressure here.

They end up in a clinch and Garry pushes Magny against the fence. Garry is warned for using the fence to hold the position and then Garry lands a quick takedown. He backs away and we are back to striking. Right hand lands for Garry. 90 seconds left in the round.

Front kick from Garry. Quick calf kick again from Garry and Magny gets taken off his feet for the third time in the round. Garry sits down on a leg kick and now Magny is limping. Body kick and a right hand from Garry. The round ends and it’s a dominant opening frame for Ian Garry at UFC 292.

Round 2

Entering the second and Magny looks to be in a world of trouble here. Magny does take the center to start the second and he lands two straight jabs on Garry. Right to the body from Garry and Magny throws another jab. Magny really upping the pressure here in the second. Big body kick from Garry.

Magny tries rushing in but nothing is there. Huge kick from Garry and Magny is wobbled on that front foot. Head kick from Magny just misses but he eats a power leg kick from Garry for his troubles. Magny gets in on a single leg and pushes Garry back up against the fence. Heavy cage pressure here from Magny.

They’re hand fighting along the fence and Magny gets to the back of Garry. Garry reverses the position and now he lands a couple of really nice shots to the body. They break away and Garry goes right back on the leg kick. Head kick knocks Magny’s mouthpiece out. Another big leg kick from Garry and Magny can barely stand.

Garry is all over him trying to finish the fight but so far, Magny is hanging tough. Another big leg kick and now Magny is just resting against the fence. Combination from Garry and then he goes back to the leg kick. Magny can’t put any pressure on that leg at all. The round ends and Magny survives but he’s down big at UFC 292.

Round 3

The final round begins and Magny is very heavy on the pressure. Big head kick from Garry pauses the pressure. Magny throws his own kick but falls down. Garry lands a leg kick and Magny is just limping all around the octagon here. The referee might stop this fight because of the kicks.

Combination from Garry and then he drops Magny with another powerful kick. He waves him right back up to the feet. Body kick now from Garry. Body kick from Magny but Garry moves right through it. 1-2 from Garry and now a knee to the body. He is just putting on a clinic tonight in Boston.

Halfway through the final round and Garry lands a big body shot. Big right hand over the top from Garry. Shot to the body from Garry and then he goes right back to the leg kick. Magny is wincing in pain. 90 seconds left and another kick lands for Garry. 1-2 down the middle lands for Garry.

Vicious kick from Garry takes Magny off his feet. Garry yells at him to get back up and then he goes right on the offense. Magny collapses and Garry settles into side control. This is where the fight is going to end. Not the finish he wanted, but dominance from Garry at UFC 292.

Ian Garry def. Neil Magny by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-24)

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