UFC 260 Preview: Stipe Miocic – Francis Ngannou 2

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Tomorrow night in the main event of UFC 260, we will see the heavyweight rematch we’ve been waiting for. The greatest heavyweight of all time, Stipe Miocic (20-3), will be defending his title for the second time against the scariest man in the division, Francis Ngannou (15-3).

These two met for the first time back at UFC 220. Ngannou seemed to have this invincibility quality about them when they first fought and that is how the fight was being sold. The Predator had destroyed everyone and many didn’t think Miocic had a chance.

However, that night, the UFC heavyweight champion proved just how special he was. Miocic ate some big shots, but never quit coming forward and ultimately dominated Francis Ngannou over the course of five rounds.

That fight completely shook Ngannou. Ngannou would go on to drop a decision to Derrick Lewis after that where he seemed extremely tentative. Many wondered if Stipe had broken the contender from Cameroon. However, Ngannou was able to emphatically turn things around.

Since that loss to Lewis, Ngannou has gone 4-0 in the UFC. Not a single one of those fights has gone more than 71 seconds. Now, we find ourselves in a very similar position leading up to tomorrow night.

Miocic has spend the last three years fighting one man, Daniel Cormier. Their trilogy concluded at UFC 252 where Miocic won a unanimous decision. Now, Miocic will look to close the Ngannou rivalry after going 2-0.

UFC 260 Prediction

The UFC 260 main event is so intriguing for a number of reasons. For one, I feel like were in the same spot we were just two and a half years ago. Miocic is the champion, but Ngannou has looked so dominant that he’s the betting favorite again.

However, we all saw how that played out the first time. But, I think this time, Ngannou is a different person. I think he believed he was truly invincible the first time they fought and with that loss, it made him humble.

When you’re looking at the totality of their skillsets, Miocic is the better fighter. He has the better cardio, the better grappling and the cleaner technique. However, that still might not be enough at UFC 260.

Everything in me says the smart money is on Stipe Miocic. The heavyweight champion just always finds a way to get it done. However, I don’t think he can take the same shots he did during their first matchup.

The reason why I’m leaning towards Ngannou at UFC 260 is the fact that he’s only one clean shot away. When you have that great equalizer, it’s hard to bet against. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see Miocic walk away with the title, but I think Africa picks up their third UFC championship tomorrow night.

Prediction: Francis Ngannou by KO – Round 1