What’s next for Stipe Miocic after UFC 260?

MMA, Stipe Miocic

Last Saturday at UFC 260, Stipe Miocic (20-4) was looking to defend his heavyweight title against Francis Ngannou (16-3). The fight was a rematch from their first matchup back in 2019 where Miocic dominated the fight.

In the first fight, Miocic was able to use his cleaner striking technique and wrestling to win the matchup. However, the word had been that Ngannou had closed the gaps in those areas over the last couple of years.

UFC 260 was going to be a test for both men. Would Ngannou be able to close the gap and beat the best heavyweight in UFC history? Would Miocic be able to take the same shots he did in the first fight?

Well, on Saturday night we got our answer. Stipe Miocic really wasn’t able to get going at all on Saturday night. Francis Ngannou was patient and showed off his good striking technique with unbelievable power.

Miocic went for a takedown halfway through the round and Ngannou sprawled beautifully. Ngannou then took the back of Miocic and hit him with some bombs. In the second round, Ngannou dropped Miocic with a big straight left hand.

One of the premier shots for Stipe Miocic is his pull back right hand. It’s the punch that made him a UFC champion. After Ngannou dropped him, Miocic got up and landed his right hand flush. The problem was that he thought Ngannou was more hurt than he was.

Miocic rushed in thinking it was a golden opportunity and was caught with a short left hook from Ngannou. That left hook put him out cold and crowned Francis Ngannou the new UFC heavyweight champion.

What’s next for Stipe Miocic after UFC 260?

Stipe Miocic was knocked out by Daniel Cormier, but this one felt so much worse. We all know the power Ngannou has and Stipe was knocked stiff by The Predator. On top of that, Miocic absorbed a massive hammer fist after the knockout shot landed.

With his UFC title reign over, what’s next for Stipe Miocic? Right now, I think Stipe just needs to take some time off. His wife is going to give birth to their first son over the summer and that needs to be his focus.

With the UFC 260 knockout, he needs to give him brain time to recover as well. In his last five fights against Daniel Cormier and Francis Ngannou, Stipe has been knocked out twice and in the other fights he’s absorbed massive shots.

He took to Instagram this week and didn’t sound like someone who was ready to hang it up. However, there’s a lot going on in the title picture at heavyweight and I think Stipe Miocic just needs to sit back and watch it play out.

The former UFC heavyweight champion should target a return in early 2022. He should come back for one more shot at the heavyweight title and walk away regardless of the result just like Daniel Cormier did at UFC 252.

After his win at UFC 260, what’s next for Vicente Luque?

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Vicente Luque (20-7-1) had a massive opportunity in the co-main event of the evening. Luque got the chance to take on former welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley (19-7-1).

Entering UFC 260, Luque was 12-2 in his last fourteen fights inside the octagon. The only losses in that stretch were to Leon Edwards and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Taking on a former UFC champion gave Luque the opportunity to get the biggest win of his career and he didn’t let it pass him by. Tyron Woodley has been extremely passive over his last few fights.

The former welterweight champion just seemed zoned out and as a result, he was dominated in three straight fights. On Saturday night, his back was against the wall and he fought like it.

Instead of moving immediately backwards, Woodley ran across the octagon and threw big shots. The former UFC champion was desperate for a win and you could tell. However, Luque remained calm during the storm.

Late in the round, Woodley landed a massive shot that seemingly buckled Luque. However, Woodley came in wild and Luque was able to land an even bigger shot that completely rocked the former champion.

The fight didn’t last long after that. Luque continued to hurt Woodley which forced the former champion to shoot for a takedown. It was a sloppy attempt and it allowed Luque to lock up a choke and get the massive win at UFC 260.

What’s next after UFC 260?

With his win on Saturday night, Luque jumped up to the sixth spot in the updated UFC rankings. After the fight was over, Luque called for a fight with Nate Diaz. This is the second straight fight he’s done this.

However, he’s not going to get that fight. Last night, it was announced that Diaz would be fighting Leon Edwards at UFC 262. With that, Vicente Luque is going to have to look at different options.

To me, there is a perfect opponent right next to him in the rankings. The perfect opponent for Luque next is Michael Chiesa (18-4). Chiesa is unbeaten at welterweight and whoever were to win that potential matchup would be ready for a title eliminator.

Who will Francis Ngannou face after UFC 260?

Francis Ngannou

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Francis Ngannou (16-3) became the heavyweight champion of the world. Ngannou knocked Stipe Miocic (20-4) old cold in the second round to become the undisputed champion.

UFC 260 was the pinnacle for Ngannou who waited nearly two and a half years to get another shot at Miocic. In their first fight, Ngannou showed his inexperience with how wild he was on his way to losing a decision.

Saturday night, Ngannou was calm and composed. He dominated the fight from start to finish and scored the biggest knockout of his career. Ngannou is now 5-0 with five knockouts in his last five fights.

The UFC has their next superstar in Francis Ngannou. For months, we figured that Ngannou would be facing Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC) if he were to capture the heavyweight title. At least, that’s what Dana White had been saying.

However, Jones and the UFC appear to be at odds right now. Before the weekend, we thought we had a clear picture of the heavyweight title picture. However, it now appears that everything is cloudy.

Who will challenge Ngannou after UFC 260?

Right now, the UFC has two primary options for Ngannou’s first title defense. The first and most obvious choice is Jon Jones. Jones is considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time.

The long reigning light heavyweight champion has been preparing for his move to the UFC’s heavyweight division. Again, prior to this latest public spat, the promotion had been saying that Jones was next for the heavyweight title.

Dana White said after Saturday that Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) could actually be the next in line for the heavyweight title. Lewis and Ngannou have already fought once in an extremely underwhelming affair that took place at UFC 226.

However, Lewis has won four fights in a row to put himself in a prime position in the heavyweight division. If Jones’ issue with the UFC cannot be resolved, I fully expect Derrick Lewis to get the next shot at the title.

The wildcard in this entire situation is Stipe Miocic. Miocic and Ngannou are 1-1 with both men having dominated one of the fights. In theory, it would make sense to do another trilogy, however, there are multiple barriers.

The former UFC heavyweight champion and his wife are getting ready to have another baby. With that and the knockout, I would expect Miocic to take some time off. Ngannou is wanting to be an active champion so that pretty much rules Miocic out.

This situation is going to be very fluid, but I would expect a resolution before the month of April is over. If I had to put money on anyone, I believe they will get the Jones situation resolved. However, when it comes to the egos involved, who really knows.

After losing his fourth straight at UFC 260, what’s next for Tyron Woodley?

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Tyron Woodley (19-7-1) was looking to snap his losing streak. The former welterweight champion took on Vicente Luque (20-7-1) in the co-main event.

A couple of years ago, Woodley looked like he could retire as the UFC welterweight champion. He had dynamite in his hands and his wrestling ability made him a nightmare matchup for anyone in the division.

However, something drastically changed. Starting with the Kamaru Usman fight, Woodley just appeared lost in the octagon. Entering UFC 260, Woodley had lost three fights in a row and didn’t win a single round.

There seemed to be no urgency from the former champion and he just looked lost. However, that is not what happened on Saturday night. Woodley immediately ran to start the fight with a massive right hand.

The former UFC champion was extremely aggressive and he was looking for a finish. Woodley landed a massive shut that buckled the legs of Luque and he went in for the kill. However, he left himself open for counters and Luque landed an even bigger shot.

Woodley looked out on his feet and Luque took advantage. The former UFC champion shot in for a sloppy takedown when he was out of and Luque locked up a choke to get the first round finish. Tyron Woodley has gone from one of the best in the world to losing four straight.

What’s next after UFC 260?

The one thing we know for sure is that Woodley’s UFC career is over after Saturday night. UFC 260 was the final fight on Woodley’s contract with the promotion and I cannot see any scenario where they would resign him.

The promotion has had their issues with Woodley and with him having lost four in a row, they will let him walk. I was very encouraged by what I saw in terms of the urgency from Woodley on Saturday night.

Yes, he lost in the first round. However, that was the best version of Tyron Woodley I’ve seen since his Darren Till title defense. So, where does the former UFC champion go from here?

I think there are likely two options. He is either going to retire or he’s going to Bellator. Woodley already has a relationship with Scott Coker from his Strikeforce days and I could see there being mutual interest.

Something tells me that Woodley doesn’t want to go out on his performance at UFC 260. I think the former world champion is going to want to go out with a victory. That could very well come in Bellator if he decides to keep fighting.

What’s next for Sean O’Malley after UFC 260?

Sean O'Malley

This past Saturday at UFC 260, the Suga Show returned to the octagon. On the PPV main card, Sean O’Malley (13-1) took on Thomas Almeida (22-5) in a big matchup in the bantamweight division.

There is no questioning the fact that Sean O’Malley has star appeal. The young bantamweight contender has amassed a big following on social media and his fighting style/personality makes him a very polarizing figure.

O’Malley suffered his first career loss back at UFC 252 against Chito Vera (16-7-1). In that fight, O’Malley started very well, but ultimately, the calf kicks of Chito Vera cut down the young contender and Vera got the TKO win.

This was a huge fight for O’Malley because a loss would be detrimental to his appeal. Thomas Almeida at one point was looked at as a future UFC champion. He was once 21-1, however, a skid had him 1-3 in his last four leading to UFC 260.

Unfortunately for Almeida, the skid didn’t stop. Outside of landing some decent kicks, Almeida was completely dominated by O’Malley. O’Malley ended up scoring a massive third round KO to show the world that UFC 252 wasn’t the end of the Suga Show after all.

What’s next after UFC 260?

Prior to his loss to Vera, O’Malley had just entered the UFC’s top fifteen at bantamweight. With Vera in that fifteenth spot, I don’t expect to see O’Malley in the rankings when they get updated tomorrow.

However, I believe he needs to fight a ranked opponent in his next fight. There are a couple of options out there for the Suga Show. One fight I like is the winner of the upcoming Cody Stamann – Merab Dvalishvili fight. 

Whoever would win between that winner and O’Malley would shoot into the top ten of the division. However, there’s another intriguing matchup that Chael Sonnen mentioned on Saturday night.

That matchup would be against former UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz (23-3). Cruz just got back on the winning track after a lengthy layoff at UFC 259. A matchup between the two would make a lot of sense for both.

For O’Malley, it would give him the chance to defeat a former UFC champion and arguably the greatest bantamweight of all time. For Dominick Cruz, he could make a statement to O’Malley’s following that he’s still here and he’s not going anywhere. Several compelling options for The Suga Show.

Stipe Miocic is still the greatest heavyweight in UFC history

MMA, Stipe Miocic

This past Saturday at UFC 260, Stipe Miocic (20-4) was looking to defend his title against Francis Ngannou (16-3). The two men had previously met two years ago with Miocic having dominated the fight.

However, the second fight was much different. Miocic wasn’t able to get Ngannou to the ground with his wrestling so he was forced to stand with Ngannou. Unlike the first fight, Ngannou was calm and composed on the feet.

A calculated Ngannou knocked Stipe Miocic out cold in the second round at UFC 260 to become the heavyweight champion. Miocic rose up to his feet after the knockout with pure disappointment on his face.

While it was a horrific knockout loss for the former UFC champion, this loss takes nothing away from his legacy. Stipe Miocic still hold virtually every record when it comes to being a heavyweight champion.

It’s incredible to think that Miocic was the betting underdog in most of his heavyweight title fights. Yet, he holds the record for the most title defenses at heavyweight and most wins in a title fight at heavyweight. Simply put, he’s the best the UFC‘s ever had.

Stipe’s Legacy After UFC 260

For Stipe Miocic, he cemented his legacy back at UFC 252 when he defeated Daniel Cormier for the second time. Yes, he lost his title to Francis Ngannou, but to me, that changes nothing.

All of Miocic’s records still stand after UFC 260 and he still holds a win over Ngannou. Now the question becomes, what’s next for Miocic? Miocic is 38 years old and him and his wife have another baby on the way. I would expect a decent layoff for Miocic no matter what.

There’s a chance we may never see him fight again. If that was the last time, I’m afraid most people will have underappreciated one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in combat sports history.

UFC 260 might have been the end of the Miocic era, but it’s important to look back and realize how special he was. A blue collar guy from Ohio who maintained his job as a firefighter just happened to become the greatest and most decorated heavyweight in UFC history.

The UFC to send Jon Jones offer to fight Francis Ngannou this week

UFC, Jon Jones

Last night at UFC 260, Francis Ngannou (16-3) became the heavyweight champion of the world. To do that, he knocked out the greatest heavyweight champion in UFC history, Stipe Miocic (20-4).

Ngannou showed incredible improvement and poise as he knocked out the former champion in the second round. After the fight was over, immediately people started talking about the potential matchup with Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC).

Jones is widely considered to be the greatest fighter of all time. He’s currently been transforming his body as he prepares for the heavyweight division. It’s been understood for weeks that Jones would take on the winner.

However, Dana White through some cloudiness into that last night. White suggested that the UFC could pivot to a fight with Derrick Lewis. Lewis is considered to be the top contender that sits in the heavyweight division.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with Jones. The UFC President said last night that if Jones prices himself out of the fight, it’s another way of him basically saying he doesn’t want the fight. Jones was not thrilled with the comments.

UFC to submit an offer this week

Around this same time nearly a year ago, we faced a similar position. Jones was interested in moving up to the UFC’s heavyweight division to take on Ngannou in a one-off superfight.

However, after the UFC failed to up the offer to Jones and a public spat ensued. Jones even publicly asked the promotion to release him due to the poor financial negotiations.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion vacated his title in the fall as he prepared to move to heavyweight. It seemed like the fences had been mended between Jones and the UFC up until last night.

That’s when the narrative seemed to change out of no where with White’s comments. Jones said on Twitter this afternoon that the UFC is going to be coming to him with an offer this week to fight Ngannou.

If the fight meets Jones’ expectations, we are likely going to see Jones get booked against the new heavyweight champion. However, if there’s any snag whatsoever, I would expect a quick pivot to the UFC and Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) will get the shot.

UFC: Derrick Lewis could be next for Francis Ngannou instead of Jon Jones

Last night at UFC 260, Francis Ngannou (16-3) shook up the combat sports world. The Predator took on the greatest heavyweight champion in the history of the promotion, Stipe Miocic (20-4) for the second time.

When the two men first fought back at UFC 220, Miocic was able to dominate his way to a decision victory. Last night played out much differently and we saw a completely different version of Francis Ngannou.

In their first fight, Ngannou was extremely wild, had no takedown defense, and fatigued quickly. Last night at UFC 260, Ngannou showed incredible takedown defense, he was extremely poised and didn’t look remotely tired after the first round.

In the second round, Ngannou came on strong and dropped Miocic. Miocic landed a big counter right that gave him a false sense of security and he rushed after Ngannou. That’s when the Predator landed a short left that put Miocic out cold.

Francis Ngannou is the new UFC heavyweight champion and he has superstar written all over him. For months, we’ve thought that Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC) would be the next in line. However, Dana White said last night that Jones isn’t a guarantee to get the next shot.

UFC could make Ngannou – Lewis 2?

At the UFC 260 post-fight press conference, White was asked about what’s next for Ngannou. He said, “If Jon Jones really wants that fight, we can make that fight tonight. (When looking at the division) Derrick Lewis is the fight to make.”

The former UFC light heavyweight champion had stated on Twitter that he wants to get paid for his shot at Ngannou. If there’s a negotiation snag with Jones, Derrick Lewis (25-7, 1 NC) is the number one contender.

The Black Beast has won four fights in a row and owns a victory over the new UFC heavyweight champion. Lewis and Ngannou are the two biggest knockout artists arguably in the promotion’s history. Their first fight was awful, but I think their second fight would deliver.

I still believe Jones is the big favorite to get the next shot, but Derrick Lewis is a very compelling option. So what about Stipe Miocic? If Miocic comes back at all, he’s going to need to take some time.

His wife is getting ready to have a baby and that was an awful loss. Miocic needs to take a little time and perhaps he can come back and get another crack at the UFC heavyweight title in early 2022.

Francis Ngannou knocks Stipe Miocic out cold at UFC 260

Francis Ngannou

In the main event of UFC 260, we saw the heavyweight rematch we’ve been waiting a couple of years for. Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic (20-3) took on top contender Francis Ngannou (15-3) for the second time.

The first time these two met was back at UFC 220. Despite Miocic being a dominant heavyweight champion, Ngannou was the betting favorite. The knockout artist from Cameroon had destroyed everything the UFC had put in front of him.

However, he couldn’t destroy Miocic. In fact, Miocic dominated their first fight over five rounds to defend his UFC heavyweight title. After that win, Miocic has spent the last couple of years in a trilogy with Daniel Cormier.

After that loss, Ngannou would drop another fight to Derrick Lewis in which he didn’t throw virtually any strikes. It had seemed he lost his confidence. However, he has that back in a big way.

Entering UFC 260, The Predator had won four consecutive fights by knockout. The more impressive thing is none of his opponents made it past 71 seconds. That dominant stretch had him as the betting favorite tonight despite the results of the first fight.

UFC 260 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 260 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Both men looked patient to start this one. A massive leg kick lands for Ngannou to start the striking. A little pressure from Francis Ngannou early on.

Miocic was just gauging the range early on as another big leg kick lands for Ngannou. A massive right lands for Ngannou, but Miocic just takes the shot. Ngannou backs away and looks to reset.

Miocic shoots in for his first takedown, but Ngannou defends well then lands bombs on Miocic. Fight looks close to being stopped, but Stipe recovers and gets back to range. Ngannou breathing a little heavy, but staying patient.

The UFC champion is circling around the outside and Ngannou is looking tired already. Ngannou swings wild and doesn’t land. One minute left in the opening round and so far Stipe has taken Ngannou’s best shots.

A good low kick lands for Miocic. Ngannou lands a massive leg kick of his own. A little pressure from Ngannou, but both men were staying patient. The first round comes to a close and it was a big one for the challenger.

Round 2

The second round begins and the UFC champion had some damage around the left eye. Ngannou starts the striking with another big low kick. A solid lead left hook lands for Ngannou.

A massive left hook lands and Miocic is hurt badly. Stipe Miocic lands a good counter, but Ngannou puts him out cold with a counter shot. Francis Ngannou is Africa’s third UFC champion.

Francis Ngannou def. Stipe Miocic by KO – Round 2

Vicente Luque submits Tyron Woodley in the first at UFC 260

In the co-main event of UFC 260, we saw former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (19-6-1) take on Vicente Luque (19-7-1). Both of these welterweights were looking to use this fight to shoot them towards the top five.

We have seen a drastic fall from UFC grace when it comes to Tyron Woodley. Just a couple of years ago, Woodley looked like a welterweight champion that had the potential to retire with the belt.

However, things have snowballed terribly for the former champion. First, he was dominated by Kamaru Usman to lose the title. Then, he was dominated in back-to-back fights against Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington.

Woodley hasn’t even won a round since his title defense against Darren Till back at UFC 228. Things were not going to get any easier for him tonight in taking on the dangerous Vicente Luque.

Luque has only lost twice in his last fourteen fights. Both of those losses came against top contenders, Stephen Thompson and Leon Edwards. Luque appears to be a dangerous contender in the UFC’s welterweight division and he was looking to use tonight to catapult himself into contention.

UFC 260 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 260 co-main event starts with Woodley running straight forward and trying to land a massive right hand. He chained that immediately into a takedown attempt, but Luque defended well and reversed the position.

Luque started to go to work with shoulders and knees in the clinch against the fence. Good knees to the thighs were landing for Luque. Woodley reverses the position and the two separate.

Woodley lands some big shots, but Luque took them well. The two come back together and clinch in the center of the octagon. Luque pushes Woodley back against the fence and starts working his clinch strikes.

Heavy pressure against the fence from Luque. However, the former UFC champion is able to separate. A massive shot wobbles Luque badly. Woodley pushes forward and tries to finish, but Luque then lands an even bigger shot.

Woodley looks out on his feet. Luque follows up with some big shots, but Woodley fires back. Woodley is completely out of it and shoots for a takedown. Luque locks up a d’arce choke and Woodley has to tap. Crazy fight and a huge win for Vicente Luque.

Vicente Luque def. Tyron Woodley by d’arce choke – Round 1