Sean Strickland dominates Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 33

In the main event of UFC Vegas 33, we saw showdown in the middleweight division. Two top eleven contenders battled it out as “Primetime” Uriah Hall (17-9) took on Sean Strickland (23-3).

Entering UFC Vegas 33, Strickland has won four straight. He’s been incredibly active since a two year layoff that started back in 2018. Last October, Strickland made his return and he’s gone 3-0 in the UFC with one stoppage.

The stoppage was an incredibly impressive win over Brendan Allen. In his last fight, he defeated Krzysztof Jotko by decision which setup this UFC headliner opposite Uriah Hall.

Hall has been a curious case over the course of his UFC career. While having all the talent in the world, Hall really never lived up to the hype. That said, the soon to be 37 year old is riding a four-fight win streak into tomorrow night.

We last saw Hall at UFC 261 where he set a record. Hall defeated Chris Weidman after Weidman snapped his leg on a checked kick. It was the first time in UFC history that someone one by TKO without landing a single strike. Prior to that, Hall stopped Anderson Silva last October.

UFC Vegas 33 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 33 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Hall started out the striking with a stiff jab. However, Strickland countered with a nice jab of his own. Hall was looking to use his movement, but Strickland started walking him down early.

Both men trade big shots at the one minute mark. Nice jab lands for Strickland. Strickland doubles up on the jab as he back Uriah Hall up. Another nice combination lands for Strickland and Hall is looking a little frustrated.

Good counter left hand for Uriah Hall. Powerful leg kick for Uriah Hall lands. Strickland goes right back to the jab and he’s keeping all of his shots down the middle early on. Lots of volume for Strickland and Hall might be hurt here.

Strickland is just walking Uriah Hall down here. Piercing jab lands for Sean Strickland. Nice counter from Hall stops the advances of Strickland. Powerful 1-2 lands for Sean Strickland.

Strickland is so busy here in the first round and Hall isn’t throwing a lot. Another good jab lands for Strickland. Hall starts moving a little more and lands a nice shot. The first round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Sean Strickland at UFC Vegas 33.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC Vegas 33 and Uriah Hall is going to need to show more urgency in this round. Both men trade big jabs to start the second round. Hall seems a little more urgent to start this second.

Good 1-2 lands for Uriah Hall. Nice jab from Strickland lands. Clean combinations land for Strickland and Hall might be hurt. Hall backs against the cage and Strickland starts teeing off. Strickland shoots for a takedown, but Hall defends and they clinch against the fence.

Good uppercut from Strickland and the two break. Jab lands for Strickland, but Hall is the one moving forward here. Good overhand right hand lands for Hall. Hall pressing the action here, but Strickland is still landing good shots.

1-2 finds it’s home for Strickland. Hall lands a jab to the body then throws it up top. Big jab from Strickland lands. Hall being much more aggressive, but Strickland is still slightly getting the better of the striking. Hall lands a vicious calf kick then both men exchange big jabs. The round comes to a close at it’s 2-0 Strickland at UFC Vegas 33.

Round 3

Entering the third round at UFC Vegas 33 and Hall is building a little momentum, but he has to do more in the third. Third round starts with more pressure and jabs from Uriah Hall. Calf kick lands for Hall.

Good jab to the body for Hall lands and this is looking like a different Uriah hall. Hall using a ton of feints here and Strickland has barely thrown in the opening minute. Front kick to the body for Hall.

Strickland lands his first jab of the round and he doubles it up. The two exchange jabs and Hall is slowing a little here. Something happens and Strickland lands something that hurts Hall badly.

Strickland starts throwing bombs and this one looks like it’s almost over. Hall is breaking, but he gets up and he survives. Strickland has his back up against the fence and he slams him to the ground.

Hall is just holding on trying to survive here. Strickland looks like he’s trying to setup a choke and Hall is just holding on for the end of the round here. Good elbows from Strickland. Strickland gets Hall’s back just at the end of the round. 3-0 Strickland here at UFC Vegas 33.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round here at UFC Vegas 33 and it’s desperation time for Uriah Hall. Hall pushes forward with two jabs to start the fourth round. Strickland circles on the outside and lands a jab.

Powerful low kick lands for Uriah Hall. Strickland splits the guard with a nice jab, but Hall keeps pushing forward. Nice combination lands for Strickland and now Strickland is the one that’s pushing forward.

Hall’s corner is begging for him to let his hands go, but he’s not throwing a ton. Both men snap each other’s heads back with jabs. Hall is really struggling with the distance control here in the fourth. Strickland lands a couple of nice straight shots.

Hall answers back with a jab of his own. Another good combination lands for Sean Strickland. Big 1-2 lands for Strickland and Hall is wobbled. Strickland lands a few nice shots and Strickland gets a takedown. Two big knees land for Strickland and Hall is beat up here. The round ends and it’s easily 4-0 Strickland here at UFC Vegas 33.

Round 5

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 33 and Hall needs a finish. Strickland is looking fresh entering this final round and Hall is wearing it. Hall pushes forward and he’s throwing heat to start the final round.

Strickland throws a big shot of his own that seems to back up Hall. Hall already fading after a furious pace in the opening minute. Strickland clinches Hall and pushes him up against the fence.

The two break and Hall looks exhausted. Hall is throwing with everything he has, but he’s so tired. Strickland is landing a lot of clean shots here. Both men lean on each other in the middle. Strickland looks like he can finish this at anytime.

Hall gets pressed up against the fence again by Strickland. Two minutes left and Uriah Hall is running out of time. Two 1-2s land for Strickland on the break. Strickland goes right back to the clinch after he lands.

Hall is nothing left here with one minute left. Strickland landing shots to the body in the clinch. More good shots from Strickland in the clinch. Hall forces a break, but he can’t land anything big. Strickland sticks to him like glue and this one is over. Dominant performance by Sean Strickland at UFC Vegas 33.

Sean Strickland def. Uriah Hall by Unanimous Decision (50-44, 50-45, 49-46)

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