Katlyn Chookagian outpoints Jennifer Maia at UFC Vegas 46

Katlyn Cerminara

On the main card of UFC Vegas 46, we saw an important matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top contenders battled it out for a second time as former title challengers Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) and Jennifer Maia (19-7-1) went to war.

As mentioned, this was the second time that these two flyweights will square off. The first time came back at UFC 244 with Chookagian picking up the decision win. That win earned Chookagian a title shot against Valentina Shevchenko.

Of course, Chookagian lost in that opportunity. Since her loss to the champion, Chookagian has gone 3-1 with the lone loss coming against former UFC champion Jessica Andrade. That said, she was riding a two-fight win streak heading into this evening.

On the other side of the cage was Jennifer Maia. Maia was looking to pick up her second consecutive win. The last time we saw Maia was back at UFC 264 when she took on Jessica Eye. That night she was able to win a decision.

That win came on the heels of her title loss to Valentina Shevchenko. The winner of tonight’s fight looked to be in a good position in the flyweight division.

UFC Vegas 46 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 46 flyweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Chookagian immediately takes the center and looks for her jab. Nice jab from Maia and Chookagian answers with a body kick. Stiff jab lands for Chookagian then she lands a big 1-2.

Nice calf kick from Maia lands. Both exchange jabs in the center. Chookagian lands a body kick then follows it with a front body kick. Big right hand lands for Jennifer Maia. Powerful calf kick from Maia and she follows it up with a 1-2. Some swelling on the face of Chookagian here.

Nice step in jab for Chookagian but she eats another big calf kick from Maia. Good combination from Chookagian lands. Maia lands a big right hand but Chookagian grabs a body lock. With the body lock, Chookagian is able to get the takedown and she settles right in the half guard.

Chookagian looks like she’s attacking an arm-triangle here and then she transitions into side-control. Nice knee to the body lands for Chookagian. Shoulder strikes from Chookagian. Maia is able to scramble and get back to her feet just before the round ends. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Vegas 46 and Maia needs to get some momentum in this one. Maia comes out very aggressive in the second and she throws a combination. Good body kick from Maia but then she eats three straight jabs from Chookagian. Chookagian catches Maia coming in as Maia swung wild with a right hand.

Another wild right from Maia allows Chookagian to get a body lock. However, Maia defends well this time and uses the fence to keep it standing. Knee to the body from Maia and they break. Stiff jab from Chookagian. 1-2 lands for Jennifer Maia and Chookagian immediately answers with a combination.

Maia grabs a body lock of her own and pushes Chookagian against the fence. However, Chookagian immediately reverses and pushes Maia against the fence. Knee to the body from Chookagian and they break. Front kick from Chookagian and she lands a jab. Maia lands a very powerful log kick.

Big knee to the body lands for Chookagian but Maia lands a big combination to follow. Head kick just misses from Chookagian. These two just start swinging in the center. Chookagian lands a nice knee up the middle but Maia eats it and moves forward.

Maia shoots in and tries for a takedown. However, Chookagian reverses beautifully and gets Maia’s back. The round comes to an end and it was a very close round, but I have Chookagian up 2-0 at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 46 and Jennifer Maia likely needs a finish. She takes the center immediately but eats a body kick. Nice 1-2 lands for Chookagian. Maia swings a big right that just misses and Chookagian lands a nice knee to counter.

Stiff jab and then a combo behind it from Chookagian. Check left hook lands for Chookagian. Another jab from Chookagian. Nice dodge and counter from Chookagian who is looking really good here in the third round. Right hand over the top from Chookagian.

Chookagian tries pushing forward but eats a combo from Maia that backs her up. However, after a reset, Chookagian lands another nice 1-2. Right hand over the top connects from Maia. Body kick finds it’s home for Jennifer Maia. 1-2 from Chookagian snaps Maia’s head back.

Another stiff jab from Chookagian and she’s turning it on here in the third. Big jab and a body kick from Chookagian. Maia tries blitzing forward but nothing lands. Leg kick from Chookagian. Nice counter right hand lands for Maia.

Another combination lands for Chookagian and she’s beating Maia to the punch here. Lead left hand from Chookagian and she backs it up with a 1-2. The fight comes to an end and this should be a clean sweep for Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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