What’s next for Katlyn Chookagian after UFC Vegas 46?

This past Saturday on the main card of UFC Vegas 46, we saw a pivotal matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Former title challengers were fighting for the second time as Katlyn Chookagian (17-4) was taking on Jennifer Maia (19-8-1).

Both ladies were looking to continue a winning streak on Saturday. Maia was looking for his second straight win while Chookagian was looking to pick up her third straight. With a win, either would be a step closer to getting another crack at the UFC flyweight title.

Unfortunately for Jennifer Maia, UFC Vegas 46 mirrored the first fight between these two flyweights. The key for Chookagian was keeping the fight on the outside and using long strikes. That’s what she did on Saturday and she looked fantastic doing it.

All night long, Maia was unable to get on the inside. She did land some good shots here and there which showed on Chookagian’s face. However, Chookagian was landing much more often and was landing clean throughout the three round contest.

In the end, all three judges unanimously gave the fight to Chookagian. One of the UFC’s top flyweights picked up her third straight win as she hit the open market.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 46?

An interesting wrinkle was revealed after UFC Vegas 46 when it was announced that Chookagian fought out her contract on Saturday night. The promotion failed to extend Chookagian and once the scorecards were read on Saturday, Chookagian became a free agent.

Now, Chookagian made it clear in the post-fight press conference that she wants to remain a UFC fighter. However, that call will ultimately be left up to the promotion and match maker Mick Maynard. In reality, there is one promotion that could make a push for Chookagian.

That promotion would be Bellator. Chookagian has proven that she’s one of the very best in the world, however, it’s hard to see her becoming a champion in the UFC. Perhaps that could push her to Bellator with a lucrative offer. I could see “Blonde Fighter” becoming a champion with Bellator.

However, let’s say that she does stay with the UFC. If she does, who should she fight next? After the fight, she mentioned that she was interested in fighting Miesha Tate. However, Tate is being booked against Lauren Murphy for her flyweight debut.

Chookagian already lost by first round stoppage to Jessica Andrade so that’s not an option. If I had my pick, I would put Chookagian against Taila Santos (19-1). Santos is a very intriguing top contender and the UFC is looking at her as a future title challenger.

If Chookagian could put her away, you couldn’t deny her another title shot. However, if Santos were to win, she would earn her title shot and would present a compelling challenger to Valentina Shevchenko.

Katlyn Chookagian outpoints Jennifer Maia at UFC Vegas 46

On the main card of UFC Vegas 46, we saw an important matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top contenders battled it out for a second time as former title challengers Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) and Jennifer Maia (19-7-1) went to war.

As mentioned, this was the second time that these two flyweights will square off. The first time came back at UFC 244 with Chookagian picking up the decision win. That win earned Chookagian a title shot against Valentina Shevchenko.

Of course, Chookagian lost in that opportunity. Since her loss to the champion, Chookagian has gone 3-1 with the lone loss coming against former UFC champion Jessica Andrade. That said, she was riding a two-fight win streak heading into this evening.

On the other side of the cage was Jennifer Maia. Maia was looking to pick up her second consecutive win. The last time we saw Maia was back at UFC 264 when she took on Jessica Eye. That night she was able to win a decision.

That win came on the heels of her title loss to Valentina Shevchenko. The winner of tonight’s fight looked to be in a good position in the flyweight division.

UFC Vegas 46 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 46 flyweight contest kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Chookagian immediately takes the center and looks for her jab. Nice jab from Maia and Chookagian answers with a body kick. Stiff jab lands for Chookagian then she lands a big 1-2.

Nice calf kick from Maia lands. Both exchange jabs in the center. Chookagian lands a body kick then follows it with a front body kick. Big right hand lands for Jennifer Maia. Powerful calf kick from Maia and she follows it up with a 1-2. Some swelling on the face of Chookagian here.

Nice step in jab for Chookagian but she eats another big calf kick from Maia. Good combination from Chookagian lands. Maia lands a big right hand but Chookagian grabs a body lock. With the body lock, Chookagian is able to get the takedown and she settles right in the half guard.

Chookagian looks like she’s attacking an arm-triangle here and then she transitions into side-control. Nice knee to the body lands for Chookagian. Shoulder strikes from Chookagian. Maia is able to scramble and get back to her feet just before the round ends. The round comes to a close and it’s 1-0 Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 2

Entering the second at UFC Vegas 46 and Maia needs to get some momentum in this one. Maia comes out very aggressive in the second and she throws a combination. Good body kick from Maia but then she eats three straight jabs from Chookagian. Chookagian catches Maia coming in as Maia swung wild with a right hand.

Another wild right from Maia allows Chookagian to get a body lock. However, Maia defends well this time and uses the fence to keep it standing. Knee to the body from Maia and they break. Stiff jab from Chookagian. 1-2 lands for Jennifer Maia and Chookagian immediately answers with a combination.

Maia grabs a body lock of her own and pushes Chookagian against the fence. However, Chookagian immediately reverses and pushes Maia against the fence. Knee to the body from Chookagian and they break. Front kick from Chookagian and she lands a jab. Maia lands a very powerful log kick.

Big knee to the body lands for Chookagian but Maia lands a big combination to follow. Head kick just misses from Chookagian. These two just start swinging in the center. Chookagian lands a nice knee up the middle but Maia eats it and moves forward.

Maia shoots in and tries for a takedown. However, Chookagian reverses beautifully and gets Maia’s back. The round comes to an end and it was a very close round, but I have Chookagian up 2-0 at UFC Vegas 46.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC Vegas 46 and Jennifer Maia likely needs a finish. She takes the center immediately but eats a body kick. Nice 1-2 lands for Chookagian. Maia swings a big right that just misses and Chookagian lands a nice knee to counter.

Stiff jab and then a combo behind it from Chookagian. Check left hook lands for Chookagian. Another jab from Chookagian. Nice dodge and counter from Chookagian who is looking really good here in the third round. Right hand over the top from Chookagian.

Chookagian tries pushing forward but eats a combo from Maia that backs her up. However, after a reset, Chookagian lands another nice 1-2. Right hand over the top connects from Maia. Body kick finds it’s home for Jennifer Maia. 1-2 from Chookagian snaps Maia’s head back.

Another stiff jab from Chookagian and she’s turning it on here in the third. Big jab and a body kick from Chookagian. Maia tries blitzing forward but nothing lands. Leg kick from Chookagian. Nice counter right hand lands for Maia.

Another combination lands for Chookagian and she’s beating Maia to the punch here. Lead left hand from Chookagian and she backs it up with a 1-2. The fight comes to an end and this should be a clean sweep for Chookagian at UFC Vegas 46.

Katlyn Chookagian def. Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Vegas 46 Preview: Katlyn Chookagian – Jennifer Maia 2

Tomorrow night on the main card of UFC Vegas 46, we will see an important matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top contenders will battle it out for a second time as former title challengers Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) and Jennifer Maia (19-7-1) will battle.

As mentioned, this is the second time that these two flyweights will square off. The first time came back at UFC 244 with Chookagian picking up the decision win. That win earned Chookagian a title shot against Valentina Shevchenko.

Of course, Chookagian lost in that opportunity. Since her loss to the champion, Chookagian has gone 3-1 with the lone loss coming against former UFC champion Jessica Andrade. That said, she’s riding a two-fight win streak heading into tomorrow night.

On the other side of the cage tomorrow night is Jennifer Maia. Maia will be looking to pick up her second consecutive win. The last time we saw Maia was back at UFC 264 when she took on Jessica Eye. That night she was able to win a decision.

That win came on the heels of her title loss to Valentina Shevchenko. Whoever wins tomorrow night will be in a good position to potentially challenge the champion once again.

UFC Vegas 46 Prediction

When looking at this fight on paper, I’m not sure we are going to see a much different fight than we saw the first time. The game plan for both fighters is going to be the same at UFC Vegas 46. For Jennifer Maia, she’s going to need to get this fight to the ground.

We saw even against the champion that Jennifer Maia is good in grappling exchanges. She’s very strong and she’s incredibly slick on the ground. If she’s able to get in tight and get the fight to the mat, there’s a clear path to victory.

That said, Katlyn Chookagian is not going to be easy to get down. For Chookagian, she needs to utilize her normal game plan. That game plan involves staying on the outside and working her volume strikes on her way to a decision victory.

Ultimately, I think that’s what’s going to happen. I think the fight will take place mostly on the feet and Chookagian will score more points. I’m expecting the same result as the first fight at UFC Vegas 46.

Prediction: Katlyn Chookagian by Unanimous Decision

UFC booking potential title eliminator between Katlyn Chookagian and Jennifer Maia

The UFC has finalized a matchup for January that could prove to be a title eliminator in the women’s flyweight division. MMA.Idea was the first to report that the promotion has finalized a matchup between Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) and Jennifer Maia (19-7-1).

The matchup will take place at UFC 270 which is scheduled for January 15th. This is actually a rematch from UFC 244 in November of 2019. That night, Chookagian was able to get the best of Maia by winning a decision.

Since that defeat to Chookagian, Maia has gone 2-1 with her lone loss coming against the UFC champion, Valentina Shevchenko. Last August, Maia was presented a golden opportunity to fight Joanne Calderwood.

Calderwood was given a title shot, but due to an injury to Shevchenko, the fight was pushed back. Wanting to stay active, Calderwood asked the UFC for another fight. The promotion called Jennifer Maia and gave her the fight.

Maia was able to submit Calderwood in the first round to take away her UFC title shot. She would go on to lose to Shevchenko, but she bounced back against Jessica Eye back in July. Now, she’ll try to avenge her loss to Chookagian.

Second UFC title shot for Blonde Fighter?

Katlyn Chookagian is in a very tough spot in the flyweight division. I think most people would say that it’s clear that she’s the third best flyweight in the UFC. However, there’s a sizeable gap between her and the top two which makes her hard to push as a contender.

Since the start of 2019, Chookagian is 5-2 inside the octagon. She’s defeated Maia, Calderwood, Antonina Shevchenko, Cynthia Calvillo, and Viviane Araujo. However, sprinkled in between those wins are stoppage defeats at the hands of Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica Andrade.

Never the less, given the lack of challengers to Valentina Shevchenko’s brilliance, Chookagian is knocking on the door of another title shot. She’s won back-to-back fights since losing to Jessica Andrade on Fight Island last year.

If she’s able to defeat Jennifer Maia at UFC 270, her three consecutive wins might be enough to warrant another shot at the champion. Either way, this is a huge matchup for the landscape of 125 pounds.

After another solid win at UFC 262, what’s next for Katlyn Chookagian?

This past Saturday at UFC 262, we saw a pivotal matchup in the women’s flyweight division. Top contender Katlyn Chookagian (16-4) was taking on the surging Brazilian Viviane Araujo (10-3).

Araujo entered UFC 262 on a two-fight win streak and had a lot of people buzzing about her. Chookagian was unphased by a lot of the Araujo hype and she was ready to go out and pick up another good win.

Chookagian fought at UFC 255 when she took on former strawweight Cynthia Calvillo. Calvillo was being built up as a potential title challenger at flyweight, but Chookagian completely shut her down in November.

Araujo started the fight out really strong at UFC 262. Her power was on display in the first round and in the second round she was able to mount Chookagian. The first half of the fight was not going according to plan for Chookagian.

However, Chookagian battled through and weathered the storm. Upon getting back to her feet late in the second round, Chookagian had an exhausted Viviane Araujo standing in front of her.

From that moment, the fight was all Katlyn Chookagian at UFC 262. After the third round, it was clear that Chookagian had made the fight extremely close. To me surprise, all three judges gave her the fight and one judge even gave her every round.

What’s next after UFC 262?

Saturday night was another night where Chookagian proved she’s one of the best flyweights in the UFC. That said, she’s in a bit of a tough spot. Since 2019, Chookagian is 5-2 in the flyweight division.

However, those two losses were to Valentina Shevchenko and Jessica Andrade. Neither fight was close and Chookagian was finished in both of those fights. She’s in a weird limbo stage because I don’t think she beats either of those two in a rematch.

With that, she’s going to have to beat up on the other contenders if she wants another shot at the UFC title. I think the winner of the Lauren Murphy – JoJo Calderwood fight is likely going to get the next title shot.

Neither one of those ladies are an option, but there is a matchup at UFC 264 that could present a fight for Chookagian. Former title challenger Jessica Eye (15-9, 1 NC) and Jennifer Maia (18-7-1) are fighting each other in July.

Chookagian has fought both before having lost to Eye and defeating Jennifer Maia. I think a rematch with either of those ladies is warranted at this stage. A rematch with whoever wins could very well be the direction the UFC chooses to go in after Saturday night.

UFC booking Jennifer Maia – Jessica Eye

The UFC is in the process of finalizing a pivotal matchup between two top ten women’s flyweight contenders. Two former title challengers will be going head-to-head as Jennifer Maia (18-7-1) will be taking on Jessica “Evil” Eye (15-9, 1 NC).

MMA Fighting was first to report that the UFC was booking this flyweight matchup. The fight between the two top ten contenders will take place on the July 10th card which is rumored to be the Conor McGregor – Dustin Poirier 3 card.

Jennifer Maia will be making her return after her failed attempt to become flyweight champion at UFC 255. Maia took on the undisputed flyweight queen, Valentina Shevchenko, and she was one of the biggest betting underdogs in history.

However, early on in the fight, Maia showed that she belonged. While Maia ultimately lost the fight by a wide margin, she dominated Shevchenko in the second round at UFC 255. Considering Shevchenko has looked invincible at 125 pounds, dominating a round against her is extremely impressive.

Prior to that fight, Maia had defeated JoJo Calderwood. Calderwood was actually set to challenge Shevchenko for the UFC title last June. However, a knee injury to Shevchenko pushed the fight back. Calderwood took a fight against Maia instead and Maia finished her in the first round.

UFC moment of truth for Evil Eye

We just saw Jessica Eye back at UFC 257 when she took on JoJo Calderwood. Calderwood was able to outpoint Eye and walk away with the decision victory. The loss dropped Jessica Eye to just 1-3 in her last four fights.

A few years ago, Eye was on the verge of getting cut by the UFC. She had gone 1-5 in the bantamweight division and was a crossroads in her career. That is when she dropped to 125 pounds and won three straight to earn herself a UFC title shot.

Eye was destroyed by Valentina Shevchenko and she really hasn’t been the same sense. At this time last year, Jessica Eye was the top ranked flyweight contender in the UFC. Now, she’s dropped down to eighth. If she loses to Maia on July 10th, it’s going to be quite the mountain to try and climb back to the top.

UFC: State of the women’s flyweight division entering 2021

Arguably the most dominant champion in any UFC division is Valentina Shevchenko (20-3). Shevchenko is the queen of the flyweight division and she has shown that she’s head and shoulders above the competition at 125 pounds.

She has been so dominant that people lose their minds when she loses a round as she did at UFC 255. Shevchenko just defended her title last month against a very game, Jennifer Maia (18-7-1).

Nobody in the world believed that Maia could hang with Shevchenko. However, Maia was able to win a round and make it competitive. Well, as competitive as a fight can be when one person loses four of the five rounds.

Simply put, Valentina Shevchenko is at a different level. The UFC flyweight champion has only lost twice inside the octagon. Both of those losses came to two-division champion, Amanda Nunes.

However, many believe that Shevchenko won the second matchup which Nunes took by split decision. Nevertheless, when the flyweight division was created, the UFC created it with Valentina Shevchenko in mind.

UFC Flyweight in 2021

As we head into the new year, we already know what is going to be first for Valentina Shevchenko. The first challenger will be former UFC strawweight champion, Jessica Andrade (21-8).

Andrade is now competing in her third weight class in the UFC. She started at bantamweight when it was the only division. However, she was much smaller than all of her competition.

When the strawweight division was created, she dropped twenty pounds to compete there. She captured UFC gold, but it still didn’t appear to be her natural weight class. Finally at 125, she seems to have found the perfect fit.

In her debut, she finished former title challenger, Katlyn Chookagian (15-4), in the first round. A matchup between Shevchenko and Andrade should be a lot of fun for fight fans. No word on when this matchup will take place.

Outside of the title fight, there is another compelling matchup in the division that should be made. That would be the rematch between Chookagian and top contender, Lauren Murphy (14-4).

The two fought back in 2016 with Chookagian picking up the win. However, Murphy has now won four in a row which has placed her third in the rankings. A matchup between the two could be a title eliminator.

One storyline to watch out for in the UFC‘s flyweight division in 2021 is a potential champion versus champion super fight. Weili Zhang (21-1) is the UFC’s strawweight champion and widely considered one of the best in the world.

If she’s able to defend her title once or twice successfully in 2021, I wouldn’t rule out her moving up to challenge Shevchenko. Dana White has already said that he likes the idea. The flyweight division is definitely one to watch in 2021.

What’s next for Jennifer Maia after UFC 255?

This past weekend at UFC 255, Jennifer Maia (18-7-1) was one of the biggest underdogs of all time in a title fight. She took on the undisputed queen of the flyweight division, Valentina Shevchenko (20-3) for the UFC flyweight title.

If Maia had pulled off the upset, she would have been the biggest underdog in history to have captured UFC gold. Most, including myself, thought that Shevchenko would maul the challenger. However, Maia proved to be much tougher than anyone anticipated.

While Shevchenko would still go on to win at UFC 255, Maia really challenged her. It was evident from the very beginning that Maia was very strong in the clinch. In the second round of the fight, Maia completely controlled the champion along the fence and on the ground.

Maia’s physical strength was something that most people didn’t give her credit for. Shevchenko has been so dominant in the UFC‘s flyweight division that she had only lost one round prior to Saturday night. Maia for the most part dominated the second round of their fight.

However, that would be the only round she would win. Shevchenko was still dominant on the feet and used her superior grappling to win most of the exchanges. Still, Maia’s toughness proved a lot about her on Saturday night.

What’s next after UFC 255?

Even in a fight where she lost four of the five rounds, Maia’s stock went up on Saturday night. It was clear that she was still not the superior fighter, however, she was not nearly as out of her league as most people thought.

If there wasn’t a Valentina Shevchenko, it wouldn’t shock me if Maia was a future UFC champion. I think a good next fight with Maia could be a contest with Cynthia Calvillo (9-2-1). Both fighters will still be in the UFC‘s top five after Saturday night.

Calvillo also competed at UFC 255 where she came up short against Katlyn Chookagian. I think pairing these two up would make for a very entertaining grappling contest. Calvillo’s wrestling versus Maia’s BJJ skills would be fun, and it’s a good logical next fight for both women.

What’s next for Valentina Shevchenko after UFC 255?

Last night at UFC 255, Valentina Shevchenko (20-3) successfully defended her flyweight title. Challenger Jennifer Maia was game, but in the end, Shevchenko walked away with her hand raised with the UFC title wrapped around her waste.

It was an interesting fight for the UFC flyweight champion. Everyone expected Shevchenko to just walk through Jennifer Maia. However, that didn’t happen last night. The challenger was much tougher than anticipated.

In the first round, Shevchenko controlled the fight from Maia’s guard. Shevchenko used her wrestling and grappling skills a lot last night to takedown Maia. However, the strategy was a little puzzling.

Jennifer Maia looked incredibly strong last night. In fact, the challenger won the second round by controlling Shevchenko in the grappling exchanges. That being said, the fight on the feet was not very close between the two women.

Maia would land some good shots here and there, but for the most part, it was all Shevchenko. I think Shevchenko could have finished the fight if she would have just kept it standing. But, at the end of the day, she walked out of UFC 255 victorious and that’s what matters.

What’s next after UFC 255?

After the event was over, UFC President Dana White made it clear on what he thinks is going to be next for Shevchenko. White told the media in the post-fight press conference that Jessica Andrade (21-8) will be next in line to face Shevchenko.

Andrade is the former UFC strawweight champion. She just made her flyweight debut last month when she took on former title challenger Katlyn Chookagian. Andrade blitzed through Chookagian and finished her in the first round.

Jessica Andrade finally looks like she’s fighting in her natural weight class. She could poise some interesting challenges for Shevchenko, but the UFC flyweight champion should still be a sizeable favorite going into that matchup.

White didn’t give a timetable on when that fight could possibly take place. My guess is that we could see that fight booked around March or April. I think it’ll be a fight that should really excite the UFC fans.

Valentina Shevchenko challenged, but defeats Jennifer Maia at UFC 255

In the co-main event of UFC 255, the women’s flyweight title was on the line. Reigning champion, Valentina Shevchenko (19-3) was looking to continue her dominance at 125 pounds while Jennifer Maia (18-6-1) was looking to pull off the massive upset.

It truly doesn’t get much better than Valentina Shevchenko. The UFC‘s flyweight champion has virtually gone untouched in her career outside of her two losses to Amanda Nunes which were both close. At flyweight, her dominance has been astonishing.

Maia entered the evening as one of the biggest underdogs in a title fight in a very long time. UFC 255 was her chance to prove everyone wrong just as she did when she earned the title shot over JoJo Calderwood. Sure the odds were close, but Calderwood was still a favorite.

The fight was supposed to be a tune-up for Calderwood’s UFC title shot. Instead, Maia was able to submit her in the first round to take the title shot away from her. However, there was a much taller order in front of her tonight.

UFC 255 Recap: Shevchenko – Maia

Round 1

As the first round of the UFC 255 co-main event of the evening got underway, Shevchenko immediately opened with big kicks. Shevchenko landed a big left hand then immediately used a headlock to land a takedown on Jennifer Maia.

The UFC champ landed some decent shots to the body from Maia’s guard, but the action was slow on the ground. Maia seemed content with just holding Shevchenko in place while the two were on the ground. Shevchenko then landed two very big elbows from the guard.

The champ’s pressure was very good from the guard. Maia appeared to be trying to raise her legs to attack a submission, but Shevchenko kept her in check. Limited action in the opening round but a dominant round for the champion.

Round 2

As the second round got underway, the UFC flyweight champion opened with a massive spinning back kick. Shevchenko landed a brief takedown, but Maia used a scramble to get back to her feet in the opening 30 seconds.

Maia then pushed Shevchenko back against the fence and started throwing some knees to the body. Shevchenko couldn’t get her back off the fence in the second round and then Maia was able to land a takedown of her own.

Maia pressed the UFC champion against the fence while she was on the ground and she started landing shots. Shevchenko attempted to threaten with a few submissions, but nothing got close. A very dominant second round for the challenger.

Round 3

As the third round of the UFC 255 co-main event got underway, Shevchenko landed a massive left straight in the opening seconds. Shevchenko really started opening up her striking in the opening minute of the third round.

Maia started to try to pressure Shevchenko, however, Shevchenko was doing a good job of keeping her at distance. Then Maia was able to grab ahold of the UFC champion and pushed her up against the fence again.

Shevchenko this time was able to push away and get back to striking range. Maia was starting to get lit up when the two were striking. The UFC champion landed a few massive shots then slammed Maia down with a takedown.

Shevchenko landed right into half guard and that is where the action slowed. Maia was able to get to butterfly guard and used it to get up to her feet. She then pushed Shevchenko back up to the fence. Decent moments for Maia but a clear round for Shevchenko.

Round 4

Entering the fourth round, the UFC champion should be ahead 2-1 on the scorecards. Shevchenko opened the striking with a massive left that staggered Maia. However, Maia’s chin seemed to be holding up in this one.

Shevchenko stepped forward with a solid 1-2 and her speed was really showing in the fourth round. Maia’s striking seemed much slower than Valentina’s in the fourth round. The UFC champ then got a body lock and slammed Maia to the ground.

Shevchenko landed again in half guard and she started to go to work with shots. Maia was trying to defend, but Shevchenko was able to take her back. Maia was able to spin back but she ate a couple of shots for the effort.

Shevchenko continued to land shots while holding Maia in place on the ground. Shevchenko appeared to be looking for an arm-triangle, but she wasn’t able to land it. Another clear round for the champion.

Round 5

As the final round got underway, Maia tried to push forward and land a takedown. She was able to push the UFC champion against the fence, but couldn’t get Shevchenko down in the first 30 seconds.

Shevchenko was able to reverse the position and back away to striking range. Shevchenko then landed a massive body kick and a brutal straight left. Maia was really starting to get lit up on the feet.

However, Shevchenko then engaged in the clinch and Maia was able to push her against the fence. Maia continued to try for takedowns, but Shevchenko was doing a fantastic job of staying on her feet.

Shevchenko was able to separate again and Maia looked busted up. The UFC champ was just picking Maia apart in the fifth round. Maia was game, but she was really wearing it in the final round.

Shevchenko landed a massive body kick as we entered the final minute. Both ladies landed some good shots in the final minute, but Shevchenko got the better of it. The fight closed with Shevchenko landing a couple of crisp shots.

Valentina Shevchenko def Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)